How many sexual partners you will have based on your Zodiac Sign?

Your sun sign can reveal your sexual habits: Which one is yours?

Love is the need of everyone’s life. No, love isn’t about ages or something getting older. God has created sex to co-relate a bond between a couple that strengthens over time. Sex was not always filled with flames of passion — but that’s not all sex is intended to be. Love making is more than just an erotic pleasure; it’s all about a soul-knitting intimacy that deepens with time.


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Sexual habits of rest of sun signs is here:

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Librans are born with the mastery in balancing all the aspects of their lives and the diplomacy they create that makes them everybody’s favorite. A Libran knows very well to work with their charm and you’d never find them leaving a party all of a sudden.

Number of partners: 7-9


One of the most passionate and trustworthy people you’ll ever meet. Scorpions are the master of seduction. However, they hardly trust people. Sex with a Scorpion can be amazing, but it’ll take even more than the usual effort to win their heart first.

Number of partners: 3-5

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Sagittarius are funny and charismatic, they’re quite popular in their social circles and rightfully, so for they are great conversationalists. The flip-side though is that they speak more and slightly-lesser action. They could give you a great sex but not that much you have expected.

Number of partners: 6-8


Capricorns are extremely responsible and dedicated people and once they’ve given their words, anyone can safely expect and they can’t be disappointed by them. But they’re kind of stubborn the way they go through some things and aren’t experimental enough.

Number of partners: 4-7


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An Aquarius needs mental peace just as much as the physical one. They’re not easily attached with anyone and they are not for a ‘no-strings-attached’ arrangement and are rather ‘old-school’ about most things. They’re not much well at displaying emotions but that’s doesn’t mean that they are not emotional one.

Number of partners: 2-5


Piscean desires couldn’t be easily available or could find out in the real world. Actually, they make their own world to peruse their dreams. They are dreamy, romantic and often, far removed from the real world, they’re more about love-making than wild, crazy sex. The good part is that they are up for most things and the bad part is that they won’t initiate much with their partners.

Number of partners: 7-9

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