How Keywords can help you to build strong Linkedin Profile?

Keywords can help you to build strong Linkedin Profile: Here is how?

Linkedin is the ultimate social network for the business professionals who want to make connections and stay updated. According to a report, 80 percent of all Linkedin users cite professional networking as one key factor to their career success. Interestingly, a lot of recruiters use this medium to find great job candidates. If you also want to excel in your career it is important to create strong and marketable Linkedin Profile. One of the important things that you need to keep in mind while making your Linkedin Profile is Keywords. They play a vital role in making your profile more visible.
Here is a complete guide how keywords can help you to build strong Linkedin Profile? Here are tips to make stellar profile, using platform appropriately and making your profile best from the rest.

You can start with basics such as:

1. Create a profile and enter the email address you often check

2. Self-explanation, Location and you can also add your phone number so that potential recruiter can approach you.

3. Add your contacts to your connections at an early stage. Allow Linkedin to access your email

4. Linkedin also asks for your employment status while filling out demographic information. If you are currently looking for job, you can simply add “Looking  for employment opportunities”

How to create your profile?

Choose account type

There are two types of accounts- 1. Basic 2. Premium

Basic is free and within premium, there are so many options. Initially, you can start with basic account.

Add a Photo

Add photo on your account to make your profile for visible. Use photo of at least 200×200 pixels, anything less than it will appear blurry and distorted. Sometimes a professional photo also catches a lot of eyeballs.

Work Experience

For every job seeker, the crux lies in this point.  Talk about your skills and things that you can do.  You can import a resume or else you can put in manually too.

 Work on Headlines

The headline is what will show up right beside your name on Linkedin. It is important to use appropriate words to make headline catchy. Make it interesting, innovative and original

Stay Active and post content

It is important to stay active on Linkedin. Keep posting content that is important and relevant to your field. This way you will attract a lot of eyeballs.

How Keywords can help you to make your profile strong?

Keywords play an important role in making your stronger. For example, if you are a media professional, then you can use keywords such as content writing, editing, reporting, anchoring, scripting etc to reach the potential employers.

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What keywords can do?

Keywords will make your profile appear higher in searches. It is very important because many job recruiters look for specific keywords to hire a person.  Profiles will appropriate keywords will rank higher.

How to use them?

Now, this is very important how to use them? A lot of people know the importance of using keywords but they don’t know the correct way of using them. Placing the keywords carefully at beginning, middle, and the end of your profile is important.  It is very important to use similar keywords in addition to the exact keyword. For example, if the exact keyword is management, then you can use leadership, team leader or simply a leader.


Linkedin can help you to land up on your dream job. But you need to spend ample amount of time on it. Also, the pointers mentioned above are also important. You need to follow them make your best from the rest. Keywords can become a gamechanger so do not forget to use them in an appropriate manner.

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