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Want to know how European countries are going to lift lockdown? Read here

Spain to soon allow restaurants and bars to open, the UK still not easing restrictions

Europe is probably the most hit continent because of COVID-19 situation. The UK, Spain, Italy and France have witnessed thousands of people succumbing to death. However, things are getting under control and the European countries have started to ease restrictions. The opening up of their economy will hold an important lesson for India, which is set to enter the fourth phase of lockdown on May 18. Let’s have a look at how some of the massively hit European countries have started to lift the lockdown.


Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez presented a lockdown exit strategy for the new normal, named as phase 0. Spain will gradually lift restrictions including the opening of restaurants with takeaway facilities along with hair salons. The Spain government had earlier allowed the gyms to open on an appointment basis to ensure social distancing. Libraries were opened and gathering of groups up to 10 people were allowed. However, the government prohibited stores from carrying out or announcing commercial activities like offering discounts that could encourage crowds. In phase two the government will allow cinema and theatres to open with 33 per cent attendance. Phase 3 will begin on June 8, which will allow companies to resume services.

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Italy government started loosening restrictions on May 4 when it allowed the people to go back to their permanent place of residence, including travelling between provinces, for emergencies. Activities like manufacturing, wholesale and constructions were allowed from May 4. People were allowed to visit their friends and families within their provinces. The regional government is expected to allow hair salons, restaurants, bars to open from May 18. Currently, bars and restaurants are open only for takeaway.

The UK

The UK is currently witnessing many coronavirus cases on a daily basis. The government hasn’t eased many restrictions but has allowed two per cent children to attend school. The Boris Johnson government has also urged people to work from home and if work from home is not possible then use a private vehicle to reach the workplace. People are allowed to go outdoor to meet one person outside their household. It is also advised for people to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces where it is difficult to maintain social distance.

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France has allowed it’s one million children to rejoin school keeping strict health protocol in mind. Wearing masks has been made necessary in all public transport for children over the age of 11 years. People have been allowed to travel within 100 kilometres of their residence without permission. Beauty salons, hairdressers, forests, cemeteries, libraries, places of worship, parks, small museums, and gardens (in green zones) are expected to open shortly with a limited number of up to 10 people.


Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel has left the decision of reopening of lockdown on the 16 federal states of the country. Shops are allowed to open with social distancing measures and proper hygiene requirements. Schools have been partially opened for younger kids and for those who are taking exams. People from two different households are allowed to meet. Bundesliga football matches are now allowed to resume.

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