How emotional breakdown affects your body?

5 things happen to your body when you are broken

Life is full of stress and ups and downs. Sometimes we try to hide our emotions, but do you know hiding your emotions can adversely affect your body. Controlling emotions is common but we should not hide our emotions as it can take toll on their health.

Emotional affects

Here are five things that will happen to you when you are broken

Upset Digestion:-Everyone does go through emotions and it’s really not surprising that the stress and anxiety cause end up upsetting the digestion. It is similar to the feeling of being sick and achy; your body is filled emotionally that it can cramp more often. Cramping can also be associated with gut pain. You are so emotional that your stomach can react and cramp. It is something real that happens to the body when you go through when you go through a heartbreak.

Self-Questioning:-Questioning is a natural form of sadness and many people will begin to question their self. But be aware that although questioning yourself is somehow good, but it’s not good for your mental health to constantly question and blame yourself for what had happened.

Now, it is a good time to spend on self-care. Do yoga and meditation in a healthy way to get to know you better? Do things that work towards healing and building you and your new journey. Don’t let ruin your life due to some emotional attachments. Just Love yourself and keep hope!

Loneliness:-You have the full support from family and friends; but the loss of that one person that makes you feel lonely everywhere. Don’t be ashamed of it. The feeling is real and you may even feel lonely even if you are surrounded by a crowd.

Sleepless nights

Just try to give some time to yourself and you will begin to heal and the loneliness will fade away slowly.

Sleepless nights:-Sleeplessness is just a side effect that your body can experience when you feel stressed-up. The body has a chemical called ‘dopamine’ that is involved with sleeping and waking. When you are broken, your brain will send the strange signals to the body and the dopamine levels will change. This change will cause you to wake up.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if your heartbreak is keeping you up all night. Medication could be a possibility to regulate your sleep and get you back on track for some time. You have to be aware that sleeplessness is a real thing that can happen to your body when someone breaks you deeply!

Depression:-Depression is a very real thing that happens to the body when you are broken inside. It is a mixture of feelings like sadness, loneliness, and poor self-worth. You will feel that you are being broken into pieces and there is no one who can help you and pick you up. It is important to find yourself and be aware if you feel yourself becoming depressed.

Just try to talk to someone whom you trust when you have these feelings, so they can look out for you. You need to be courageous and keep patience through this time, and that is okay! Take it on a serious note that doesn’t be alone and seek out a friend, family member, or counselor who can help you through this tough time, it will help you to take care of your mental health because it is extremely important.

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