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Cuddling regularly with BAE can Boost your Immune System: ‘Hold them Tight’

Saturday Vibes be like Cuddle, Cuddle and Cuddle!

Cuddling is an art that makes you feel warm, loved, if done right. A way to express love emotionally, physically no matter with whom you do it, if it is your romantic partner, your four-legged furry friend, or a comfy body pillow, cuddling is a wonderful way to de-stress your life and create intimacy.

It is a well-known fact that when you share sleep with your lover, it helps to get over the stressful situations and create a close bond without saying a word and also helps a relationship to flourish and blossom into the beautiful unions that we all are capable of having.

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Scientifically proven

When you cuddle with your romantic partner, your body releases a hormone known as ‘oxytocin’ that helps to release stress and makes you happy and feel good. It also lowers your blood pressure and stress hormone.

However, there’s much more to cuddling than simply wrapping the arms around someone and holding them tight. You can say cuddling is kind of a love language all on its own. Here are some of the benefits of cuddling

  1. Creates super sexual intimacy: Relationships always need constant care, affection, love, and endless cuddles.  According to multiple studies, couples who cuddle before or after sex have reported higher sexual and relationship satisfaction.
  2. Helps to communicate emotions: Acuddling touch creates an intimate bond with your romantic partner, shutting out the rest of the world and lets you focus on each other. Touch is a way to communicate emotions like love, gratitude, sympathy along with happiness and sadness.
  3. Makes you happy: It’s essential to continue cuddling throughout the relationship as people feel more loving and affectionate towards their partner when they cuddle.It has an extremely positive effect on our emotional state, which keeps us happy, healthy, and satisfied.
  4. Reduces stress: A cuddle from a loved one can instantly make you feel secure and loved which ultimately reduces stress by releasing oxytocin and decreasing cortisol (also known as ‘stress hormone’). Just imagine, coming home from a stressful day to your partner and for good love.
  5. Boosts immune system: Cuddling feels good for obvious reasons and is also good for your health. Research sayscuddling in the form of therapeutic touch may even have the power to reduce some pain and promotes natural healing. It increases hormones that fight infections. You feel incredibly happy and healthy, so you are less likely to get sick.
  6. Lowers blood pressure: A gentletouch has a calming effect that may lower your blood pressure. Researchers say that hand-holding and hugging lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to heart disease and stroke, so consider regular cuddling a part of high blood pressure treatment.
  7. Leads to sex: Some peopleprefer to cuddle before having sex as it releases the hormone dopamine which increases sexual desires and helps to prepare a woman for an amazing act of love. It is a great way to start foreplay that leads to amazing sex which is healthy. Cuddling does lead to but it doesn’t have to always.
  1. A way to say you care: Cuddles keep you warm and are always nice and when you enjoy it with the one you want, it increases the love in your relationship and brings you closer. Cuddling increases the sense of security with your loved one, which increases your desire to get emotionally intimate and vulnerable with them.

A good hugging, snuggling, massaging, and kissing, all comes under cuddling and there’s always the right way to do it. Here are some popular cuddling positions to help to get closer to your partner:

  1. Spooning (“spoon”): “half spoon” /”little spoon” and “big spoon” is the ultimate cuddling position like when your partner wraps around you in their arms while you’re both lying close on your side and your stomach rest against their back in bed. Your body fits as spoons fit in a drawer.
  2. The sleeping hug: Also known as cuddling hug or honeymoon hug where you hug each other and think spooning except facing each other and it feels so close that you can feel the breath of your partner.
  3. Butt touching: Exactly how it sounds, as you lie on your sides facing the opposite direction on the bed but your butt touches.  You try to touch his/her butt more and continue to sleep.
  4. Leg touching: You are so into sleep but you still try to play with your leg by touching or putting your leg on top of your partner’s leg. You want to sleep more but you still do it because you want physical contact.

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