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How countries are dealing with Coronavirus across the world?

South Korea has set an example in stopping the virus without the mass lockdown, Know how?

The covid-19 has taken 11,417 lives and 2.76,474 people have been found positive so far. Italy, China, Spain, Iran, France, USA, UK, South Korea, Netherlands are worst hit by the deadly virus. The death count in Italy crossed 4,000 on Saturday and while China has lost 3,255 lives due to the deadly virus. As coronavirus continues to spread across the world, we will look at how the most affected countries are dealing with the coronavirus.


Wuhan, China,  where more than 11 million people live, was the first city go under complete lockdown, with buses, train, and flights out of the city were cancelled. A huge quarantine zone was created to other cities in Hubei province of around 50 million people.

Only 5 cases were reported on 13 March in China and no locally transmitted infections were reported in the rest of China. On 19 March, no domestic transmitted were reported.


Italy has currently the highest number of deaths and the second most number of cases of coronavirus after China. Italy has extended its emergency measures including the scrapping of the final exams of 10,000 student doctors. They will be deployed to work as general practitioners in care homes for older people, making way for senior doctors to go to hospitals and ease the burden on the country’s health service.

Italy is in complete lockdown with its schools, cafes, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs and museums closed till the virus stops to spread. Nationwide restrictions on travel are in place and shops apart from groceries and medical shops are closed.


United States of America has lost 275 lives so far. US President Donald Trump’s some important measures are ban on travel from EU’s Schengen area an from 13 March. It expanded later to the UK and Ireland. Gatherings of more than 10 people are restricted which was 50 people earlier. All the nightclubs, movie theatres, concert venues have been closed in New York City.  Restaurants are doing only take-out business from 17th March.

South Korea

South Korea has brought down the number of coronavirus cases in the last few days drastically without the lockdown. South Korea showcased the most expansive and well-organized testing program in the world, along with efforts to isolate infected people and trace and quarantine their contacts.  The country tested more than 2,70,000 people which amounts to more than 5200 people in 1 million people.


The Iranian government started limiting travel between major cities by setting up checkpoints and stopping Friday prayers in urban centres. Schools and universities are closed, large cultural and sports events are suspended. Working hours for people have been reduced. It has released tens of thousands of prisoners to contain the spread of virus in Iranian jails.

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Other important decisions taken by the world to curb the spread of coronavirus

1. California has ordered more than 40 million citizens to stay home.

2. The UK has sent letters to thousands of retired doctors and nurses to help tackle the outbreak. It has also asked the million stranded tourists to consider staying abroad.

3. Taiwan, China is donating 1,00,000 masks per week to the US.

4. France has banned cycling and asked people to jog only near their homes.

5. Australia declared a national human biosecurity emergency and announced new measures including the indefinite ban on groups of 100 and more people.

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