How Cinnamon can help in fighting Obesity?

Cinnamon improves metabolic health by acting directly on fat cells

Are you looking for ways to shed your extra weight? Cinnamon is a very common household spice. Studies say it may help you to lose weight as well as improve metabolism.

A lot of health magazines showed that cinnamaldehyde is an essential oil that gives cinnamon its flavour, improves metabolic health by acting directly on fat cells, or adipocytes, inducing them to start burning energy through a process called thermogenesis.

Include it in your diet to stay fit

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Cinnamon has been a part of our diets for thousands of years, and people generally enjoy the taste of it. So, if it can help protect against obesity, too, it may offer an approach to metabolic health that is easier for patients to adhere to. And because it is already used widely in the food industry, it might be easier to convince patients to stick to a cinnamon-based treatment than to a traditional drug regimen.

Studies say appearing in the journal Metabolism, when human cells were treated with cinnamaldehyde, there was a spike in expression of several genes and enzymes that enhance lipid metabolism.

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The researchers said that an important metabolic regulatory proteins involved in thermogenesis — was also observed. Adipocytes normally store energy in the form of lipids, which could then be used by the body in times of scarcity or in cold temperatures, to induce adipocytes to convert stored energy into heat — a process used by our distant ancestors, who had much less access to high-fat foods and thus a much greater need to store fat.

Cinnamaldehyde may offer one such activation method. While this study focused on testosterone. Researchers hope to explore the effects of more sex hormones on asthma. Sex hormones are not the only mechanism but one of many mechanisms that could be regulating airway inflammation.

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