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How can you live a sustainable life for a sound future?

Tips to Live a Sustainable life

Sustainable living is a way to decrease your consumption of natural resources and making sure that you substitute and supplement what you use to the best of your abilities. Sometimes that can involve not opting to buy a product that is manufactured through methods that do not encourage sustainability, and sometimes it means modifying the way you do stuff so that they start to become more of an integral part of the life cycle. Considering the hazards to the environment because of the not so sustainable usage of products and the increasing rate of global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, etc and their impacts, it is not just for the personal self but for the environment and future generations, one needs to start living sustainably.

How can you practice a sustainable living

1. Think before you shop

For sustainable living, you should have a clear realization of what all products are actually your needs. Be particular and mindful of what you are shopping, why you are shopping, and question if you really need it.


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World Environment Day
World Environment Day

2. Ensure investments in the environment

Every time you make a purchase, check if the company, of which the product you are buying is involved in any activity that supports the environment and sustainability. Choose that product above others as it will help ensure sustainability.


3. Boycott

Mark out the things for yourself that are not sustainable. For example – Plastic and products made up of endangered wildlife. Identify all the times when you are/ have been using them and ensure that you boycott when similar things come across you the next time.


4. Check for labels

Ensure that you are checking for the labels on the products you are buying. Choose the products that are certified and also look for the products that have been labelled organic. Such products are sustainable and hence, you should vouch for taking them.


5. Go green, drive less

Needless to say, automobiles are one of the leading contributors to pollution. Hence, try to cut off the drive wherever possible and opt for riding a bicycle.


6. Pick natural

Well, in the present times, it can be a bit difficult to look for natural products and resources all the time, but you can still do the max you can. Choosing a house that is naturally surfacing, looking for natural sources of energy, etc should be something you must eye upon.


7. Choose Minimalism

It doesn’t mean you should be leaving everything, but it means you should learn to live in only what is required, what is a need. Making a distinction between needs for survival and luxury is what should be taken care of.


8. Choose the light that you need

Now, there are several alternatives available for lights that work on low electricity consumption. Study the right lights according to your need and use them wisely.


9. Say no to single-use products

Single-use products are the ones that are once used, can’t be used again. For such products, look for alternatives that that be used and reused for a longer time. For an instance- replace your sanitary napkin with a menstrual cup, choose a bamboo straw above a disposable one.

Well, these are some ways to ensure a sustainable life. Tell us your ways of living a sustainable life in the comments.


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