How can you celebrate if this is your first New Year with your Partner?

Celebration ideas for couples who are having their first new year together

New Year is always exciting. It looks like a timeline with which people schedule their new plans and new goals in life and plan to start somewhat afresh. And for a couple, who is celebrating their first new year’s eve and day together, it could be more so special. Here are a few things that the couples who are having their first new year together can do to make it more so special and memorable.

1. Role Reversal

Play a role reversal with your partner for the new day of the new year. For a day, exchange everything of each other, from clothes, food habits, routine, and the way each of you talks. Make it a fun day, and it will really be a way to reflect upon each other, how much do you know each other as the closer role play you will do, the more aware you are of your partner.

2. Couple spa

GO on a couple spa, or make arrangements to do it for each other at your home itself. Give each other a comfortable spa and enjoy the after spa moments with a cup of hot chocolate with amazing romantic music.

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3. Romantic Movie

Watching a romantic film can sound more of a cliche but it turns out to be absolutely worth it.

4. Candle Light Dinner

After a romantic movie, you can go on a candlelight dinner, which you can make as authentic and personalized as you want. Choose your favourite place for it or just decorate your terrace, lit it up, turn on some jazz music and taddaaaaa. That’s a perfect new year date.

6. Cook Together a challenging recipe

Test your compassion for making a really challenging recipe on the first day of the year. Go to the supermarket, bring all the ingredients that you need and be that Masterchef team who could make any challenging recipe.

7. Play truth and dare

Truth and dare is certainly a great game to know each other. Well, there won’t be a requirement of any bottle in two people obviously, but yes, you can play it a chance by chance and you will get it going.

8. Decorate your room customizing it with each other’s choice

Give your room a makeover using all the super cool DIY hacks and tricks and customize your room with personalized photos, crafty interiors, and creative walls. After all, the new year calls for a new look for the room as well. Spend a good day helping each other out in decorating the room.

9. Recreate your first Date

This can be a cheesy thing to do but it will absolutely be fun. Recall how you people met, how you happened to date and recreate all of it again for yourselves and enjoy the moment.

10. Make a list of new year resolutions and share it with each other

Make your list of new year resolutions and discuss your resolution with your partner. Plan out about how you both will help each other complete that resolution.

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