How Australia vs South Africa match affects India

Australia vs South Africa
Australian team after taking wicket

Australia vs South Africa match will decide the fixtures of semifinals

Today is the last day when of group matches in the world Cup where India is playing Sri Lanka and Australia is playing South Africa. Teams have already fought hard to find a place in the final four and we have them now. Australia, India, New Zealand, and England are the four teams who have qualified for the second stage in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Australia vs South Africa game is as important as India’s game against Sri Lanka.

All the positions in the points table will be clear after the two matches

After the two matches of today, things will get clear who will top the points table. Australia has currently 14 points in 8 matches and India has 13 points in the same number of matches. England has 12 in 9 matches and New Zealand has 11 in 9 matches.

If India defeats Sri Lanka today they will gain 2 points which will take them to 15 points. They will reach the top position but if Australia wins the last match against South Africa then they will reach 16 points putting them on the top again.

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The match between Austalia vs South Africa will be played later today

The World Cup has scheduled in such a way that the table-topping team will play the team which came 4th.  The team on 2nd position will play the team which came at 3rd position.  England is currently at 3rd position and New Zealand is at 4th and their position isn’t going to change. So If India tops the list they will the number 4 New Zealand team and if they don’t, England will host them. England is a stronger team which has defeated India in a group match at the same ground where they played the last match.

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