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10 Indian cities burns, maximum temperature at 50 degree Celsius

Churu, Rajasthan registered the highest temperature across the world on Tuesday

The summer has arrived and it has arrived in such high intensity that 10 cities in the region figured on the list of 15 hottest cities across the globe on Tuesday. As per the weather monitoring website El Dorado Rajasthan’s Churu recorded the country’s highest temperature of 50 degree Celsius on 26th May.

Churu is situated about 20 km north of the state capital of Jaipur which is also known as the gateway to the Thar Desert. While 10 of the hottest cities in the last 24 hours were in India, rest of 5 was in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Jacobabad also recorded 50 degree Celsius on Tuesday and became the hottest place on the earth along with Churu.

Other cities of Rajasthan which featured in the list of top 15 hottest cities were Pilani, Bikaner and Ganganagar.

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Other hottest cities and their temperatures

Banda in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana’s Hisar also recorded extreme temperatures of 48 degrees each on 26th May. New Delhi recorded 47.6 degree Celsius, Bikaner recorded 47.4 degree Celsius, Ganganagar recorded 47 degree Celsius, Jhansi recorded 47 degree Celsius, Pilani recorded 46.9 degree Celsius, Nagpur Sonegaon recorded 46.8 degree Celsius and Akola recorded 46.5 degree Celsius.

Churu in Rajasthan has recorded the second-highest temperature in May in the last 10 years. It recorded 50.2 degree Celsius on May 19, 2016. Churu has been witnessing an upward trend in the rise of temperature in the last few days. The temperature in Churu was recorded 46.6 degree Celsius on May 23, 47.4 degree Celsius on May 24, 47.5 degree Celsius on May 25 and finally 50 degree Celsius on May 26.

The weather report suggested that Kota and Jaisalmer were also amongst those cities which witnessed the highest temperature on Tuesday. Both the cities recorded 46 degree Celsius on May 26.

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Heatwave expected in Rajasthan

Heatwave conditions are forecasted in the eastern areas of Rajasthan such as places in Bundi and Kota, and in the western areas such as Churu, Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh.

This is not the first time when 10 cities of India have featured in the top 15 hottest cities on earth. Last year around the same time, El Dorado found out that 10 places in India came in the list of 15 hottest cities across the world. Rajasthan’s Churu and Sri Ganganagar had topped the list with 48.9 degree Celsius and 48.6 degree Celsius.

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