Host Party Like a Pro: How to set the Table for a Wine and Cheese Party?

How should you plan for your Wine and Cheese Party?

The most important thing about parties is the list of our guests. Delicious food pairing and wine are the most important keys to have a successful wine and cheese party. It should be delicious, unique and fun for your guests to choose suggested pairings by setting up a beautiful table. A wine and cheese tasting is a versatile party, so you can set up the table for your guests outdoors or you can convert the dining table into the tasting table.

Party of Wine tasting

Pre-planning of Wine and Cheese Party

A wine and cheese party needs a little bit of planning, so you should be prepare your lists two weeks before because the party takes a lot of time. Make sure you have plenty of times and tasting plates and the appropriate glasses for the wine you wish to serve for your guests. Besides these basics, serving pieces of such things like slate cheese boards, cake stands with domes, wooden platters and wine decanters are essential to present your wine and food pairings in the party. If you decide a theme for the party like old world wines, vintage-inspired table decor is a good idea.

With a chalkboard style backdrop and white serving dishes, this cheese display has great graphic appeal. If you are looking for rustic serving pieces like wooden cheese boards and vintage bottle stoppers for your themed event, it will convert your party in a trendy and marvelous look.

Wine combo for cheese parties

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The things you should consider on to be prepared:-

  • Date and the Season- You should choose red wines during winter. Their taste is perfect for the cold weather. In summer, you can choose white wines and refreshing champagne to create a great for crisp. However, you can serve both on whatever the day you choose for your party.
  • Select the venue- If you are planning an intimate party, then you can celebrate it at home easily. But for a more formal function, a hotel or the restaurant is a good option.
  • Guest list- Keep your guest list ready whenever you are planning for the party because it is quite pricey.
  • Send your invites- Whenever your party lists and arrangements are finalized; it’s easy to send the invites once you’ve got the major details of your party. You can be more creative and make your own wine and cheese party invitation or select one from a card store.
    Plan your budget. It is the most important thing that you should plan about your budget ahead otherwise the cost may just exceed your expectations. Create a checklist and take a survey about the cost of all the supplies, venue, and all other entertainment that you will provide during the party.

While setting up the tasting table, just remember to add an element of height for a visually-appealing table. White on white takes the presentation in a modern direction. Cake stands with clear glass domes, tiered stands, and simple cheese boards are great for elevating food on the tasting table. The height ensures the table display is interesting and also prevents overcrowding of the table. These little touché will add to the overall tasting experience, and will give the party an awesome view to the guests.

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