Honchos sing from the heart for destitute kids

Honchos sing from the heart for destitute kids

Genesis Foundation, India, has come up with a novel method to raise funds for unprivileged – destitute kids.



The easy route is to go to High Net worth Individuals, Corporates, and ask for donations.

However, what if Corporate honchos participate in raising the money, putting in their own effort to do so. Now that is something else all together.

This is exactly what happened in Gurgaon, bastion of MNCs in North India. The Foundation organised an event “CEOs Sing for GF Kids”, in which corporate honchos were invited to take part in a singing competition, the priceeds of which would be applied to taking care of kids who are born into abject poverty, and are completely unprivileged, and not simply under privileged.

The participation was huge, and people like India’s former Election Commissioner S.Y. Qureshi, Publisher of Rolling Stones India N. Radhakrishnan, and others took part with complete involvement, and sang from their hearts and souls, and were grateful for the opportunity.

To paraphrase a popular saying “Real Charity begins from the Heart.”

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