5 Home remedies to regulate the period flow

Suffering from PCOD? 5 home remedies that can help in regulating period flow

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Overy disorder or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that is quite common among the women in their reproductive age. It can be seen with infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods.

The main reason behind the PCOS is the presence of the excess male hormone (androgen). This hormone causes a skip in their menstrual period and the later consequences can be difficulties in pregnancy.

The symptoms of PCOS

The biggest symptom of PCOS is definitely the imbalance of your regular 28 to 30 days period cycle. In most often cases, woman, who has a regular healthy period cycle gets her periods in every 28 to 30 days. But if it is not happening, there is some problem. Basic symptoms of PCOS are –

●     Irregular Periods

●     Excessive bleeding

●     Hair Growth

●     Acne

●     Weight Gain

●     Male Pattern Baldness

●     Skin Darkening

●     Headache

●     Mood Swings

How adverse can PCOS be?

PCOS can cause several problems in your daily schedule including –

●  Infertility

With an irregular cycle, your ability to release eggs slows down. Hence, the chances of fertilization of an egg decreases.

●  Metabolic Syndrome – It can make you obese. In fact, most of the females suffering from PCOS are obese. This further leads to high blood sugar levels and low good cholesterol levels.

●  Endometrial Cancer

With ovulation, the uterine lining is shed but since you are not ovulating, thickening of the line can cause Endometrial Cancer.

●  Mood swings and Depression

Hormonal Change is always a call to a disturbance in mental health.

●  Sleep Apnea

This is a condition that causes pauses in creating at night. This in return, leads to an interruption in sleep.

How to cure?

Menstrual health and hygiene are one of the biggest concerns for women, especially the girls who are in their adolescence. Also, the treatment of PCOS is highly dependent on how your body responds to the medication. You may definitely choose any kind of medication like that of homoeopathy, allopathic or the ayurvedic. But we do suggest you go with some basic home remedies and healthy living habits too. Here are the home remedies you should adopt to regulate your flow –

●  Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is a must if you want to get a normal and regular periods flow. Eat healthily and at regular intervals.

●  Each to drink things that are hot

Ginger tea, green tea, herbal tea, turmeric milk and even Carom (ajwain), cumin, degree, cinnamon etc.  in Luke warm water every morning can help you in regulating the flow and will even make the process pain free.

●  Apple Cider Vinegar

Start your morning with Apple Cider Vinegar in water. It will regulate the insulin flow.

●  Aloe vera Juice

A glass of Aleo Vera Juice is every day can do wonders. It reduces blood cholesterol level leading to restoring the ovarian steroid status.

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  Cut coffee, alcohol and Smoking

okay, this one is tough and uncalled for. But you have to do this to maintain your period flow.

So, these are some of the basic home remedies you should adopt in order to regulate your period flow. Apart from this, one very important step is to ensure 30 minutes of physical activity. It will regulate ultimately everything.

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