3 Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai for Your Bhai!

Here are 3 Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai to add sweetness in Tyohar

Over the years, Raksha Bandhan has become a trendy festival in India. It celebrates the loving bond and emotional ties between a brother and a sister.

People often buy sweets from markets and shops. So, this time, let us change ourselves and celebrate Rakhi with this Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai:

Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai: Chocolate bread pudding

The very name chocolate bread pudding can make your brother’s day. If your brother is a big chocolate lover, like Rakhi, you can surprise him by making chocolate bread pudding at home. The dessert is not only mouth–watering but appetizing too. Much to your delight, we are here to share its recipe with you all. This continental cuisine comes loaded with a lot of fresh cream and milk. Take a look at the recipe and get started.


· 8 slices of brown bread

· 600 ml Milk

· 8 tablespoons sugar

· 500 gm of fresh cream

· 4 tablespoon cocoa powder

· 6 eggs

· 1 vanilla essence

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o Cut the bread slices into small pieces. Then, beat the eggs, add vanilla essence, and keep it aside for a while.

o Take a pan. Start heating the milk. Add cream, cocoa

powder, and sugar to it. Then, add beaten eggs and bread slices to it.

o Once cooked, turn off the flame. Start greasing the

pudding mould and pour it into the mixture. Cover the mould with foil or any other sheet and place it carefully in the cooker.

o Once the mould gets settled well. Remove the sheet, keep it in the freezer, and serve it after 30 minutes.

Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai: Paneer Aur Pettah ke pede

Here is a fantastic short-cut recipe you will love, especially when you taste the

results! In only 2 minutes of cooking, mix all the ingredients and shape them

into small balls!


45-50 small pedas

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· 125 gm khoya- grate finely

· 250 gm paneer-grate finely

· 300 gm Metha Agra ka pettah/ dry-grate finely

· 250 gm desiccated coconut (Bura nariyal)

· 1 tsp rose water or a few drops of rose essence

· Pistachios to garnish


o Grate the paneer and sweet Agra ka pettah. Keep aside.

o Heat a thick bottom non-stick kadhai or pan. Reduce

heat, add the khoya, and cook for 1-2 minutes. Still soft but does not change

colour. Remove from heat and cool slightly.

o Add the grated paneer and pettah to the khoya. Add

200 gm of desiccated coconut mix very well till smooth. Add yellow food colour

and flavouring and mixing well again.

o Shape small pedas. Roll in the reserved coconut. Make a small hole in the centre with your finger. Garnish with pistachio in the depression. Refrigerate till serving time.

Home-cooked Raksha Bandhan Mithai: Paan laddus

Paan laddus have 2 main ingredients — betel leaves & coconut powder.

 Coconut has monolaurin and lauric acid that are immunity boosters, particularly against viral infections. Paan is digestive, and as per Ayurveda, it balances the pitta, Vatta, and Kapha in our body. The gulkand used in the filling is said to be good for eyesight. These laddus are quick and easy to prepare.

Ingredients (for 8 laddus)

Desiccated coconut — 1 cup for roasting, 2 tablespoons for coating

Condensed milk (regular or vegan) — ½ a cup

Paan/betel leaves — 4

Gulkand/rose petals — 5 teaspoons

6 chopped almonds

Ghee — 1 teaspoon

4 glazed cherries


Blend paan leaves and condensed milk together in a blender. Keep aside and prepare the coconut powder.

Take a non-stick pan and warm the ghee in it.

Roast the cup of desiccated coconut for 2-3 minutes on

medium heat. Roast while stirring till it gives out a sweet smell and shines.

Add the paan and condensed milk mixture and mix well. The whole mixture should acquire a green colour.

Cook for another 2 minutes until the mixture leaves the edges and looks like dough.

Remove from heat and let it cool.

Mix chopped almonds with gulkand. Divide into 8 equal portions.

Divide the laddu mixture into 8 equal portions, too. This helps to maintain a constant size.

Grease your palm a bit & roll the dough into a ball. Then flatten it.

Place 1 portion of gulkand mixture on the flattened ball and fold it around the filing. Seal the edge and roll it lightly into a ball again. Roll all 8 balls.

Place the saved desiccated coconut on a plate and roll the laddus to coat them.

Cut glazed cherries in half and place on the laddus as garnish.

Serve it to time and add more sweetness to your bond this Rakhi!

Happy Raksha-Bandhan

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