5 ways to quickly get back to work after Holi hangover

Want to handle the hangover of Holi-day, Here are 5 ways to quickly get back to work

For many, Holi means the colour of the festival but there are few for whom the Holi means ‘Rang and Bhang”. While for many, Holi brings tasty foods like Gujiyas, Pakodas, Laddoos, Kulfis, Sharbat and Malpua (In East Up and Bihar). Likewise, for some, it’s an opportunity to get high on Bhang (Marijuana).  Bhang is considered to be an anti-depressant and helps in relaxing the anxiety along with boosting the fun during Holi. Bhang has medical properties which makes it almost impossible to ignore the hangover of it. However, it is the day after Holi that hurts more, when you have to reach office with a bad hangover. So, today we are telling you 5 ways to quickly get back to work after Holi hangover.

1. Keep your Stomach Full

This holds true for almost all types of alcohol. If you consume alcohol empty stomach., it hits you harder. So is the case with Bhang. That’s why we want to tell you that consume Bhang only when your belly has already something in it. But keep a distance with oily, fried and heavy food, they will worsen your condition.

2. Keep taking beverages

People tend to feel dehydrated after consuming Bhang. Keep drinking water, lemon water or green tea. Avoid coffee or tea because caffeine makes a hangover worse. However, you could have herbal tea like rose tea or jasmine tea.

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3. Warm Shower

You would have heard that there is nothing that a warm shower can’t cure. You can also go for a bubble bath. The idea is to relax yourself and soothe your nerves. The warm shower is perfect for this situation which will also cure your headache.

4. Increase Your Glucose Intake

Drink juices such as sugarcane juice, pineapple juice, or apple juice. Glucose and fructose counter intoxication along with providing additional energy.

5. Sleep

If above mentioned four methods doesn’t help you, you can go back to doing something almost everyone adores, if you are not Shah Rukh Khan – sleeping. Sleep tackles headache and hangover both. Next day you will wake up energized and fresh.

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