Holi 2019: Spread the colors of Love, Harmony, and Peace


 Holi 2019: Show your real colors

Every Holi we see people sending some long, short, Hindi, English, all sorts of messages but these messages stay just in their phones. So this Holi for a change let us celebrate Holi with the real essence of colors. Let us not limit ourselves to messages, phone call, and all other social media ways. Holi is about burning the evil within.

Love is the new idea for Holi 

Life is one such journey where we don’t carry emotions rather emotions carry us. Swayed by all these emotions, we start loving and hating others. But our hatred over powers every other emotion now this Holi let us for once forget all those grudges inside and bring colors not just in own life but others also.

 Let us for once look for a smile on other faces that never had colors in their lives. We all who are fortunate with all the resources should try to bring colors to just one life.  This Holi forget all your grudges and celebrate Holi with utmost zeal.  Remove the trigger of animosity and anger from your lives. Now, this Holi let us forget the selfishness inside and go selfless to feel the free soul.

Also, we can try a Holi with least water wastage wherein colors are the highlight not just water balloons. Let us not apply colors just to put colors rather wish others health and happiness inside. May this Holi becomes blissful to all of us and brings the essence of colors in everyone’s life. Holi being one the biggest fiesta in our country let it be the reason for love around. With a good start, we can bring happiness and colors to other lives not just on Holi but every single day.