5 Male characters from Hindi Shows that proved “Men can cry & that’s normal”

 Here are 5 male characters from Hindi shows that proved men can cry and normalised the concept of being emotionally vulnerable as a man

Men do not cry, that is what boys were told by heroes and teachers. 

And men do not cry, it will make you look weak, 

Said mothers and followers and not a tear you lick.

Boys play with footballs, with guns and toy cars, 

Go camping and fishing, sleep under the stars.

Boys must be warriors, must be tough and be strong, 

Like our fathers before them must never do wrong. 

When boys get older when they grow into men,

The pressure of life gets much bigger again.

Get a job, pay bills, put the food on the table,

Get right home, have kids, be strong and be stable. 

Men don’t cry, they remember this as well,

From parents and leaders this untranslated cell

– By Beverly Martin

Hey men, how are you doing today? Have you ever had an urge to cry but hold back your emotions thinking what will people say as REAL MAN DOESN’T CRY. Here is a list of male characters from Hindi shows that proved men can cry. We can’t thank them enough for normalising this concept.

Certainly, the word “man” brings baggage of a lot of responsibilities and stigma with it of hiding their emotions. A lot of men find feelings and emotions scary. Unlike women, a man’s capacity for their feeling and emotional expressions are completely different or simply do not exist.

In several web series, shows, movies, and serials, we have seen a man crying either behind the doors or in some isolated places. Because a man should be a shoulder to cry on and not get one.  So, here are 5 male characters from Hindi shows that proved men can cry and it is okay for men to be emotionally vulnerable. 

Shrikant Tiwari from The Family Man

Manoj Bajpayee perfectly portrays the character of Shrikant Tiwari, who is juggling between the nation and family responsibilities. He shares his vulnerabilities with his best friend JK. We also see him breaking down in front of his wife. This series also showcases several shades of a man, who is trying every single day to be a good father and a husband while serving the nation.

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Hathoda Tyagi from Paatal Lok  

We have often seen Abhishek Banerjee in comic roles. But for a change, he took a dark part in the hard-hitting crime thriller, Paatal Lok. In the series, we see Hathoda aka Vishal Tyagi who only wants to avenge his sister’s rape. Behind his anger and revenge, the character endures a lot of pain when he speaks about his sister getting raped.

Although he wanted to play the character of Imran Ansari, an honest police officer. But as Hathoda Tyagi, Abhishek perfectly brought all the emotions to screen.

Sartaj Singh from Sacred Games

In sacred games, Sartaj Singh goes through various ups and downs in his personal life. He was a victim of a troubled marriage and tried utmost to save his marriage with the girl he loves the most. He is in a constant battle of emotions and is cantered by the miseries of failures.

Kabir Sawant from Breathe

This role is played by Amit Sadh where makers have shown a dark character with a lot of vulnerabilities. Sometimes he gets haunted by the showdowns of his dark past. Whereas sometimes Kabir can be seen as a carefree man who is least worried about his surroundings.

Guddu Bhaiya from Mirzapur

Ali Fazal has never failed to impress the audience with his acting skills. But this time he nailed it with Guddu Bhaiya. Guddu is portrayed as stone-hearted and burning to seek revenge. But there was a time when he also survived through an emotional journey and cries at the loss of his brother and lady love.

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