6 Hindi Movies On Sports That Everyone Should Watch

From ‘Dangal’ To ’83,’ Here Are 6 All-Time Best Hindi Movies On Sports


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The world’s largest movie industry doesn’t fail to impress its fans. Although Bollywood is quite famous for its stereotypical love stories, the industry has, too, made several quality movies on all sorts of themes and genres. Talking about sports, Bollywood has impressed its fans on several occasions by releasing some of the blockbuster movies on sports. From football and cricket to hockey and wrestling, Bollywood has made several exceptional sports movies. Here is a list of 6 Hindi movies on sports that everyone should watch.

1. Kaun Parvin Tambe?

As they say, ‘age is just a number,’ and the movie is the exact example of that. ‘Kaun Parvin Tambe?’ is a movie based on the life of leg-spinner Parvin Tambe who made his major league cricket debut at the age of 41 without playing any international or first-class match. The movie shows the struggle, determination, and dream against ageism. The lead role is played by Shreyas Talpade as Parvin Tambe and Anjali Patil as his wife Vaishali. With an 8.6 IMDB rating, the movie was a big hit and performed quite well on the OTT platform.

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2. Mukkabaaz

We  wouldn’t  shy away from saying the movie is a masterpiece by Anurag Kashyap. The movie revolves around Shravan Kumar, played by Vineet Kumar Singh, who is an aspiring boxer. Shravan Kumar works for a local politician and head of the State Boxing Federation, Bhagwan Das Mishra, played by Jimmy Shergill. Kumar had a brawl with Mishra after he refused to do Mishar’s personal tasks and intended to fight in a real Boxing tournament. Kumar is now attacked by Mishra’s man and Mishra makes sure that Kumar doesn’t get his selection in any boxing tournament.

Shravan Kumar falls for Mishra’s niece, Sunaina, who is mute, and asks her father for Sunaina’s hand in marriage. Sunaina’s father tells Kumar to get a job first only then he would marry his daughter. Kumar then leaves for Varanasi and trains as a professional boxer. However, the story doesn’t end here. Shravan’s wife was abducted by Mishar’s goon and Kumar is now looking for her everywhere and vows to avenge Mishra for his deeds.

3. 83

Cricket has its different fanbase in India, and when a biopic is made on the cricket ‘heroes,’ the excitement is on a different level. ’83’ is a reflection of India’s first-ever cricket World Cup win. The movie shows how winning the first-ever world cup won India pride and respect. Ranveer Singh is in the lead role as Kapil Dev and exceptionally played Kapil Dev’s character; not even once you’ll realize that he is struggling with his role as Dev. From the dialogue delivery to the performance, Ranveer has blown our minds with his acting in the film. ’83,’ however, didn’t perform at the box office as expected, but the film is worth watching.

4. Saala Khadoos

We all know R. Mahadevan from 3-idiots’ Farhan. An exceptional and versatile actor who has impressed his fans with his acting on several occasions. He wonderfully played a boxing coach’s role in the ‘Saala Khadoos’ and received critically positive reviews for his brilliant performance. The movie was simultaneously released in Hindi and Tamil language on 29 January 2016.

‘Saala Khadoos’ is a story of a talented boxer Aditya Tomar, played by Mahadevan, who is prey to politics in the boxing association. Aditya joined the national women’s boxing training academy as a coach. He is falsely charged with sexual harassment in Delhi due to his feud with the association head and transferred to Chennai to train the boxers. Aditya finds a roadside fish seller who has natural boxing skills and trains her to win the gold in the World Boxing Championship.

5. Iqbal

Kaun Pravin Tambe wasn’t the first sports movie  by Shreyas Talpade. In 2005, Talpade starred in another cricket drama-based movie – ‘Iqbal.’ The movie shows the dream of a young cricket enthusiast boy Iqbal, who is deaf and mute. Unlike ‘Kaun Parvin Tambe,’ ‘Iqbal’ is a fictional sports drama rather than a biography. However, the movie performed quite well on the screen and received positive reviews. With 8.1 ratings on IMDb, the movie received several national awards, including The National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues.

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6. Dangal

‘Dangal’ needs no introduction. The movie is a sports biography drama based on the life of the ‘Phogat sisters and their father Mahavir Singh. Mahavir trains his daughters to become the world wrestling champions and brings India’s first-ever gold medal in wrestling in the Commonwealth games. The movie emerged as the highest-grossing Hindi movie and still remains at the top with over ₹2,000 crores worldwide collection. The movie bagged several national and international awards, including Most Entertaining Film of the Year (2016), Jackie Chan International Action Film Week (2018), and the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards (2017).

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