Opinion: Himadri Patel’s latest video left people angry on internet, Here is why we agree

Good ‘deed’ should be at your ‘Feed’: Himadri Patel’s latest video left people angry!


  • Who is Himadri Patel?
  • Himadri Patel Schooled for milking views over her House Help
  • Why do content creators have to record ‘literally’ everything?

Recently an influencer named Himadri Patel was ruling our social media feed. Why? For the unversed, this beauty and lifestyle influencer took her househelp out for self-care day. Well, that is commendable, isn’t it? But how do we know this? You must be thinking one of her followers has shared this information with the rest of the world? Well! No, this “charity” was shared by Himadri herself on her Instagram. But people on the internet were not happy with her at all. People called her inhuman for sharing the video to garner some views.

What Indian Culture Says about it?

“Charity should be done in secret.”

If we make our charity public, its positive effects will get nullified.

However, some self-proclaimed public figures want to be on their toes for almost everything. Whether it is milking views on someone’s death or bragging about a little human inside them. Sometimes they get lauded for their philanthropic work. At the same time, some call them out for publicity and hunger for lousy taste in content.

Who is Himadri Patel?


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A post shared by Himadri Patel (@himadri19)

Dehradun, Uttarakhand-based Instagram Model, Video Creator, Makeup Artist, and a Fashion, Lifestyle & Fitness Influencer & Blogger, Himadri Patel is known for her beautiful Looks, adorable grin, and Style. She usually shares her chic outfits and make-up skills on Instagram. She has bagged a massive fan following on her social media platforms. She has 147K followers on Instagram while 431K subscribers on YouTube.

Wow, that’s huge!

However, she pinned a post where Patel took out her house help, Parvati, for a day out. They went shopping, manicure, pedicure, and for a feast at the food court.

While elaborating more about her philanthropic work to SheThePeople, the influencer told that her house help, Parvati aunty, was diagnosed with PCOS and anemia. The mother of 5 was extremely worried about her family. Therefore, to cheer her up, Himadri took her to a mall in the city.

However, posting this gesture online did not go well with netizens. And Patel got some trolling over it.

Himadri Patel Schooled for milking views over her House Help


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A post shared by Himadri Patel (@himadri19)

An Instagram user touched on a very valid point and commented, “I’m really surprised this page would share something like this. This doesn’t really seem like intersectional feminism. I hope Parvati’s consent was at least taken in sharing the details of her personal health. It’s dehumanizing to post oneself doing charity for others like they’re animals. Who is this really helping? Love and thoughts with Parvati.

Another wrote, “You must be very kind. Would you like it if somebody records you while they are doing a little something for you? Isn’t it patronizing for the self-dependent lady to work hard, bring food to the table, and in many ways seem superior to you!”

A user-schooled Himadri was showing her deed on her feed.

You could have done it silently without putting it online with these content creators. Everything is content for them. Using someone to build up your audience is not cool at all. We donate and give money too but don’t show it like this. Just imagine if Himadri was in her shoes and someone was removing your video by giving you something because you’re unfortunate. Shamed! It should be in your deeds, not on your feed.

While some people called it a good influence, others called it an idea of content creators commodifying actual human beings for content creation.

When the content creators turn into “influencers,” they are trusted enough to influence people in the right way. There are times when influencers with millions of followers have done something good for others but didn’t forget to make that count for social media likes.

Why do content creators have to record ‘literally’ everything?


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A post shared by Varun Pruthi (@varun_pruthi)

The whole life of Varun Pruti revolves around disturbing money. He makes his every charity count.

There was a time when Sambhavana Seth was called out for mocking the Adivasi community and was even made to apologise and remove the video.

No, Himadri and Varun have not done anything equivalent to Sambhavana. However, the question still arises- Is their one-time charity enough? What will happen next once the donated money is ove. They can’t do it for a lifetime right? Instead of making this just a one-time thing, why not come out with some permanent solution?

On several occasions, Family Vlogger Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja was called out for using his daughter as a prop. In one of his videos, his daughter was getting her ear pierced by his wife Ritu Taneja. The girl was profusely crying and telling his father not to shoot vlog. However, Beast did not acknowledge her pain and continued to record. This inhuman behaviour was called out in his comment section.


One of his ex-subscriber wrote, “If you’re reading this, as your ex-subscriber and audience, I really request you to take the criticism of you and your vlogs seriously. It is awful to record Rashi crying and in pain even after she begs you not to. And piercing like this at home is not hygienic; it hurts more and can also cause infection. I got my ears pierced in 2005 I guess and even 17 years back, my Maa took me to a jewellery store where they did it professionally. What’s further heartbreaking is – you put her crying face in the thumbnail.”

She further goes on saying, “ For the love of your children, please stop exposing them to so much attention and danger. Your fans won’t be able to defend you any longer if this continues. You were so loved by all till 2021; we used to love your videos with family in Kanpur. But many of your recent videos and thumbnails have made me unsubscribe. You should sit and introspect, please. Otherwise you’ve been an inspiring couple who has achieved so much; don’t overdo things to ruin that image”.


We don’t doubt Himadri’s intention but content creators have to understand the concept of privacy and literally not shooting everything. Helping others and making society inclusive is a great idea but not at the cost of someone’s personal information. In the age of social media stars, setting a boundary is extremely important. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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