Highlights from the speech of Narendra Modi at Red Fort

After unfurling the National flag at Delhi’s spectacular Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed citizens of India for 1 hour 34 minutes.

This was the third time Narendra Modi unfurled flag at Red Fort.

He said it is “our duty to make India the very best”, adding that his focus is on taking India “swarajya (self-governance) to surajya (good governance)”.


Narendra Modi

Here are the highlights from his speech:

*He said his government is comitted to responsibility and accountability

*He has earned trust of people by the mantra of reform, perform and transform

*He laid emphasis on non-violence, social and harmony and his these remarks came amid outrage over the attack on dalits

*His speech was thrown light on his administration record in bringing toilets , electricity to villages, curtailing inflation to 6 percent and much more

*He gave message to change the mindset of people, where they are scared of giving income tax

*He also mentioned about Pakistan and Balochistan

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