Hidden gems of Delhi: Places you should visit atleast once 

DELHI : Yeh Sheher nhi Mehfil hai

Delhi: The beauty of Chaos. Delhi is not only the capital of India, rather it is a destination where you can enjoy most sophisticated lifestyle as well as survive an underprivileged routine. People generally find Delhi awe-inspiring. This capital city has a stuffed-up ambience, but it also holds some famous Havelis. Be it a popular historical monument or the age-old ruins of the bygone era, Delhi has some real hidden gems which is a must visit.

Here are 10 hidden gems in Delhi which reflect the centuries old charm that will compel you to walk through the glorious past of India’s capital and will make you fall in love with itself all over again!

1.    Satpula Bridge

Literally translating into “seven bridges” in both the Hindu and Urdu origin. Satpula bridge is one of the most renowned hidden places in Delhi. It is located in the close proximity with Khirki Masjid, the Satpula Bridge held a lot of historical significance as it not only served as the water harvesting dam but was also a wall of defense during Muhammad Shah Tughlaq’s reign.

2.    Hijron Ka Khanqah

Dating back to the period of Lodi dynasty, Hijron Ka Khanqah is an age-old sacred and a popular ground where eunuchs were buried. It was established before the rise of the Mughals.

3.    Delhi War cemetry

There is no greater sacrifice than of a soldier getting martyred for his or her country. And in recognition, appreciation and respect to the sacrificial spirit of the Indian soldiers, one of the most meaningful hidden gems in Delhi remains that of the Delhi War cemetery which was established in 1951.

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4.    Sanjay Van

A lush forest scattered over an area of more than 780 acres of land between Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj. Sanjay Van is one of those hidden places to visit near Delhi which people are aware of but do not gather enough courage to explore it due to the associated ghost stories.

5.    Bhardwaj Lake of Asola

Established and maintained by the Delhi Wildlife Department, Bhardwaj Lake is one of the lesser known and unseen placed in Delhi. Located in the heart of Faridabad, one can indulge in activities like swimming and trekking on the market trail.

6.    Haveli of Mirza Ghalib

It’s one of the most amazing place to visit in Delhi. Established in the memory of the world renowned Persian and Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Baigh Khan. The famous Haveli is set right in the heart of the lively Chandini Chowk. It is believed that Mirza Ghalib spent the most crucial years of life his life in this Haveli which houses his famous artistic works.

7.    Begumpur Masjid

The renowned Begumpur Masjid or the Begumpuri Masjid is the most vital of all the ancient monuments that belonged to the Tughlaq dynasty very less people know of its historical significance and how it accommodated the entire village during the time of an invasion.

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8.    Isa Khan’s Tomb

This is one of the oldest monument in Delhi. Isa Khan’s Tomb is one of the hidden gem in Delhi which is less explored. Isa Khan was a noble of the Sher Shah era, and his grandiose, Afghan-style tomb in the Humayun’s tomb complex is octagonal, with some fine decorative work with an adjoining impressive mosque.

9.    Majnu ka Tila

Majnu ka Tila also known as, “Delhi’s little Tibet”, is a wanderlust delightful affair. Known for its colorful and narrow streets, it offers a plethora of cafes to savour varied cuisines, including the Ama Cafe and Rigo. There are so many things you can do at Majnu ka Tila, Delhi. From shopping accessories, home décor and whatnot! Majnu ka Tila is one such place you can never get over of.

10.     Adham’s Khan Tomb

This is one of the best thing in Delhi. This lesser known gem has a glorious past. Adham Tomb also known as Bhool Bhulaiya is located right behind the Qutub Minar in the Lal Kot  stretch of Sanjay Van. This monument was built in 1562 AD after the death of Adam Khan. One can find peace and calmness here but it is worth a visit to catch a beautiful view of the neighboring Qutub Minar from a different angle.

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