Here’s why Talylor’s comment are being deleted from Insta!


It seemed that everyone was involved in the theater in recent line of Taylor Swift. It was not until a few weeks ago when the ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris put burst to take possession of the lyrics to “This is what you came for,” and of course I remember video Snapchat Kim Kardashian that call “Famous “Kanye West.

Between the person who edited his Wikipedia page with insults and someone painted mural in Australia, there has been a lot of noise surrounding the singer.


taylor swift

And that includes the emoji noise. Earlier this month, fans spam ‘Taylor gram of the snake emoji – not just one, tries several in a row. It was reported that Instagram these hurtful comments left seeped profile.

Although there was no evidence of this was really happening, users are upset and felt that the pop star was receiving special treatment.

However, a recent article in a leading daily says this is not the case. Instead, the lock might actually have much to do with a new feature provide the service.

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