Here’s the reason! Why Beaches glow neon blue in the midnight

1. Sam Mun Tsai beach in Hong Kong.

2. The Manly Beach in Sydney.

3. Florida’s Indian River Lagoon by Cocoa Beach.

4. Ocean off the coast of Leucadia, California.

5. Swami’s Beach, California

6. La Jolla beach

blue beach

The beaches glowing neon blue colors is a natural phenomena and it is caused due to a type of microalgae that float at the surface of the ocean water called as phytoplankton. The Microalgae emit bright blue light after they get rushed by motions of waves or flouncing of swimming fishes near them.

Here is the scientific explanation to this type of microalgae –
Phytoplankton has channels to allow protons (positively charged subatomic particles) to pass through their bodies. That’s why nearby movements making them alive creating electrical pulses, which trigger chemical reactions.

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