Here is why Vegan diets are trending among Indian brides- to- be?

Indians brides are opting for a pre- bridal detox: Here is a list of trending foods

Ahead of their wedding, young women in India are opting for preservative –free products for a long lasting glow. The Indian wedding sector is reportedly estimated to be around $40- $50 billion in size that’s why it is an important market for so many brands out there. As per a report, these organic products are in trend these days and this due to health awareness among the people, especially among women in age group of 18-40.

Detox Diet

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Every girl wants to look special on her D- day that’s pre –bridal detox is catching up in India. People are back -to -basics food attributes like ‘all natural’, ‘no flavours’ and plant based diet.

A lot of bride-to- be in India are opting for detox diet to look best on their D- day. If you want your skin to look flawless on your wedding day, then you go for Almond milk as it is a good source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant which has natural healing properties.

Young women in India are spending a lot of money in their diet because they feel it is the need of the hour. It’s better to invest in balanced eating than spend later on trying to treat a lifestyle disease.


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Here is a list of foods that you can add in your diet to get healthy and glowing skin:

  • Spinach
  • Coconut oil
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots
  • Dark chocolate
  • Apples
  • Peppers

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