Here is why do women dump men?

Why do women dump men? Here are few things that every man need to understand


  • Loyalty Issue
  • Irresponsible Behaviour
  • Excessive Controlling

Being dumped in a relationship can be highly stressful, and even sometimes it can have serious consequences. Most of the time men are rejected by women. But have you ever wondered why do women dump men? Secondary affairs or multiple affairs of men constitute a reasonable cause for many women dumping their men. Loyalty remains one of the major cause behind a breakup.

Why do women dump men?
Why do women dump men?

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In a true relationship cheating or breaking trust is unforgivable. Relationships should always be based on trust. Another trust related reason is telling lies to them or pretending to be good. When men do not adhere to the promises or commitments, when they do not respect you in a relationship it is also considered as an act of distrust. Women do not generally tolerate a person who cannot be trusted.

Here are few reasons why women dump men

Here are few reasons why women dump men, just go through it, and if you find any trait in your man then its right time to dump him.

1. Excessive Controlling

If you feel that your boyfriend is over controlling you, then you might have to get serious. When woman feels that the man is too much controlling they may possibly get away from the relationship. Some men are really very authoritarian and demand submissiveness from women. Such kind of men are not preferred by women generally. Even women prefer self -dignity and self -sufficiency. Financial understanding and sharing is good and it has become need now- a- days, but if your man asks you to hand over the earnings to him, and get from him as and when needed, is a possible reason for women dumping men.

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2. Irresponsibility

Men are irresponsible (with no offence to anybody) and we are even used to it, but if that irresponsibility level is crossed then it can really irritate women. Irresponsible men are more likely to be dumped by women. Many men in relationships just leave all the responsibilities to the woman, and always remains carefree. Such men are always dumped by women. Firstly, you should know what responsibility means,

Responsibility. It just doesn’t mean providing all the material supplies to home and supporting the partner financially. Being responsible on the health, emotions is also important.

When they don’t take responsibility
When they don’t take responsibility

3. Independency

Here, in this context independency means that when a woman feels that she cannot depend on her men for the support she needed in various walks of life. Many women leave men when greater levels of independency are found in men. When men fail to fulfil their promises and commitments it is considered independency. Women expect the partner to be worth depending in all the needs of life. When the partner feels that she cannot depend on the man for essential support when she needs it at various instances of life, she may dump the man and get into other relationships. This is the major reason why women dump men.

4 Unwanted rules and regulations

When your relationship has unwanted constraints it can be highly distressing.
Many men establish unwanted set of rules and unnecessary regulations at home which is useless. This will make a woman feel that she is in a prison, instead of in a relationship. Women needs to breath, they should seek satisfaction in their relationship. When the freedom for expression and movement is questioned or regulated by the man, she may get frustrated with the relationship and think about leaving the person and get into another life

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Ways to choose Mr. Perfect for you!

What we need in a life is a perfect man, who can complete our life right? So, here are few things you should keep in your mind while choosing your partner.

1. Try to find common interests between you and your partner. And if your man tries to change his interest for you then that’s true love.

2. Consider you and your partner’s intellect: If you are an over-achiever with too many honours and your partner is very laid-back and would prefer to just sit and watch TV all day that could impose a threat to your relationship. Find a man with same intellectual level, so that you people can share responsibilities in future.

Ways to choose perfect partner for yourself
Ways to choose perfect partner for yourself

3. When choosing a future partner, it’s okay to have standards: You almost want to treat it like hiring someone for a job. Does he fit the description on which your ideal partner should be? It’s okay if you are looking for the standards.

4. Make sure that you both respect each other. Very important always find a man who respects you. You can’t spend your life with someone who has no respect for you, your personality, and your goals/dreams.

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