Here is how you can make balcony your Paradise?

Be ready to get the tropical experience inside your home

Be ready to get the tropical experience inside your home:- The idea of living in lap of nature is an enchanting experience in itself. Tropical experience inside home feels like a permanent vacation. It kind of slows time and it suits warmth and graciousness.

Having the luxury of converting your balcony into a green relaxing spot transports you to exotic locations and permits you to live in it every day

It is great to bring your balcony inside by opening walls, segregating interiors and using more of clear glass. Facing your furniture towards the outside gets the outside inside. To get the desired look in the balcony a combination of sitting, plants and accessories would get the desired look.

Be ready to get the tropical experience inside your home

Work on drainage of your balcony

Work on the drainage of your balcony before starting any work. It is important that your balcony also maintains hygienic conditions, especially if you have large number of plants.

I would personally recommend that you choose potted plants than creating a soil bed as potted plants have an advantage that they can be turned for excess light or just turn to change the face or just turned to display as per your taste.

Decide into the number of plants that would go into your balcony to impart the garden like look. Also add some hanging plants to complete the look.

Colour pallet is most important

The colour pallet is the most essential when you choose to remodel the balcony. A colour pallet inspired from the natural surrounding will get the desired look. The look can be bright or vivid. You can adorn the wall with tan, beige and taupe to resemble the earthy colors.

The balcony looks bright and vivid if you add a hint of bright sunset orange on the sofa. A combination of sea foam green and cool ocean blue colour also gives a very soothing feel. The floor in the balcony can be defined with terracotta tiles or Kota stone.

Be ready to get the tropical experience inside your home

It can be in rust color. You can furnish your balcony can go with natural material. The tropical colours and textures along with the greenery somehow form a cocktail for immense relaxation. Furniture can involve use of natural material such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak.

Bamboo looks good for bar-stools, sofa, side table and hanging swings. The lesser the furniture, the better it is. Avoid any extra wall designing or modern materials like CNC cut or SS.

Last but not the least; the accessories add fun to complete the look. A ceramic pot in the corner of the balcony with bold colours, a ceiling fan that look like palm leaves, all will add as the final touch up to your beautiful painting. A mirror “jharokha” with traditional console can complete the look.

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