Here is all you need to know about oral sex

Here are some tips about oral sex

• It’s not just about your mouth
• Oral sex can have position too
• Every woman do not like clitoral stimulation
• Get away from the bed
• Don’t throw away the condom pack

Oral sex

Oral sex is a highly discussed topic among the couples. Everyone doesn’t like to have it. And that’s completely okay.

Most of the people want to keep a distance between mouth and sexual organs. But actually, oral sex is pretty great. If anyone tries oral sex, it add another move to sex arsenal. Here is everything you need to know about oral sex.

Oral sex is a highly misunderstood sex by newbies as well as by the regulars.

If you have never had oral sex before and are thinking of trying it, you should know some stuffs before diving in it.

And even if you have it on a regular basis. Here are some things you may be missing.

• It’s not just about your mouth: If you are going down ,
use your hand to stroke from the base up. That is why your mouth won’t have so much performance pressure and it won’t break your jaw. Your partner, too will feel a lot of stimulation. It may not be very pleasant to take ball into your mouth. That’s where hands come in.

If you are going down on a woman, use the very important thing, placed strategically between your teeth or tongue. Just random, fast liking in one motion does not work. Move your tongue around a little, use your lips, but be gentle.

• Oral sex can have position too: Everyone knows about the 69 position. But there are other position too.While you are receiving oral sex, there are certain things that you should do.

From the bed

• Every woman does not like clitoral stimulation: Some of the woman are not cool with direct clitoral stimulation. It can get a little massive and uncomfortable. If you have the same problem, lie back with your leg closed. And ask partner to work around the public area and clit.

• Get away from the bed:

Oral sex can be done anywhere. You don’t even have to be completely naked. So it’s super convenient. When it’s just the two of you of course , chairs (Super hot), staircase in the car and the shower. Yes, this is one of the sex which can be performed in the shower.

• Don’t throw the condom pack: Please don’t dismiss the condom just because penetrative sex is not happening. You may not get pregnant but sexual transmitted disease are likely to happen. HPV cause cancer.

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