Here are the most intelligent sun signs: Are you one of them?

Which is the most intelligent Zodiac Sign?

In astrology, out of 12 zodiac signs, there are some signs which have been referred to as the most intelligent or smart. People born under these signs have potential to give their best in each and every field. I am not talking about their smartness in academics but how they smartly they tackle each and every situation in life. They always take the right decision about their career and job. So, here are three most intelligent zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. It is called the planet of communication. Mercury is the ruler of Twins planet, which makes them quite intelligent and witty. Geminies are good at maths. They are always looking forward for an opportunity. They have the strong opinion about everything. They always see your every motivation regardless of what you say. They are well-informed and can hold conversation about anything.

Scorpio and Aquarius


Ruled by Jupiter, Scorpio has the sign of Water, and Water is associated with intelligence. Scorpion’s may have a dark side and they take some decisions out of their passion, but their passion makes them drive them and keep them focused and motivated. They are highly perceptive and street smart. So, just try to beware of them. This is recognizing and understanding the emotional and physical world as it is.


Saturn is the ruler planet of this sun sign. Their independent nature tends to generate original thoughts. They are extremely progressive and intellectual. They like to ponder about all the questions of their life. They have a fabulous tendency to change the societal terms and condition with visionary thinking. They always have bunches of questions and they always want to learn more about the world. These things make them the smartest.

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