Here are some surprising beer benefits, take a look

There are enormous surprising beer benefits, here are few of them

On a hot sunny day, there is nothing cooler as beer. Beer is one of the alcoholic drinks liked by the today’s youngsters. Drinking beer may good for building more than just beer bellies. When it comes to party, beer will definitely take you to the dance floor and let you to enjoy every moment. Here are few surprising beer benefits.


Do you know drinking beer has many benefits like lowers the risk of heart attack, increases bone density?

1.Beer increases bone density.

Researchers have shown that beer has the high silicon content which help in strengthen your bones, connects muscle and bone tissue to each other and increase bone density.

So drinking beer has positive effects on bones. It lowers the risk of heart attack
According to research, beer contains high level of antioxidants which destroys other harmful chemicals which lower the risk of heart attack.

2. It can reduce the risk of attack by 25-40percent. So if want to treat your heart nicely, drink beer.

3. Beer can prevent kidney stones.Beer can prevent kidney stones too. Ever noticed how you always end up running to the washroom most of the time when you drink few beers? The answer is here! Beer stimulates the kidney to work harder to excrete the by-products and this allows you to urinate frequently.

So, urinating after drinking 2-3 cans of beer will actually cleanse the kidney itself.

4. Beer lowers cholesterol level scientists have found that consumption of beer contributes to increasing the proportion of healthy HDL cholesterol in the body. Consumption of two beers a day help in lowers down the cholesterol level.

5. Beer decreases the risk of getting diabetes

Drinking a pint of beer a day will actually cut the risk of getting diabetes. American researchers have found that people who drink 1-4 10 oz beers per day, will reduce the risk of disease.

6. Beers make skin more beautiful! There are certain vitamins in beer that can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation. It makes your skin clear and shinny.

So lets go. Two beers for skin, two for bones, two for your sweet heart and so on, this will surely make your health better and better. But remember do not drink it in excess

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