Here are most terribly insane ideas of daily soap

Most terribly insane ideas of daily soap

This year experienced the rising popularity of international shows among Indians. Some blamed the exposure to international film-making, rest the terrible ideas which is degrading Indian daily soaps standard. Here are some terribly insane ideas of daily soaps.

Something has to be it, either the Indian audience has been insanely blind till day or the daily soaps producers and scriptwriters are so over-confident in their capability to grasp audience attention that logic is the last thing they pay heed to.

This year witnessed some terrible ideas which proved that if willing, any waste could be sold to Indian audience.

Indian TV has nothing but become an alternative to zoo where you could find probably any animal characters and that too not just animals but shifters.

Icchadhari, that is what is trending on Indian TV these days.

As implied earlier, logic has taken a back seat on television. Surprisingly, these concepts work for producers as well because they get aspired TRP out of it.

Let us have a look at few TV shows this year which contributed for this alternative zoo:

Here are most terribly insane ideas of daily soaps
Icchadhari Naagin

· Naagin

Ekta Kapoor’s this supernatural show provides you with much more drama than one person could possibly digest. IfIcchadhari nagin (Shape shifter snake) was not enough, the new season of the show broke all records will the entry ofIcchadhari Bee and bull and what not.

If that was not enough, the show also supports the idea of reincarnation as most Ekta Kapoor shows where one falls from the cliff and comes back as a snake and Icchadhari at that.

· Sasural Simar ka

A show which started as majority of Indian daily soaps with Saas-Bahu drama, when turned in a supernatural program, even the audience couldn’t understand.

Sudden appearance of cursed fly and all godly creatures in the show proved that scriptwriters these days are seriously thinking on a completely different tangent. One which common people can never understand.

Here are most terribly insane ideas of daily soaps
Tiger in tow

· Ye kahan aa gaye hum

Leave it to Ekta Kapoor to play with the minds of audience. Another show started as a casual love story turned into unnatural spectacle. One where the lead protagonist turns into a tiger. Seriously, possessed soul and holy animal.

Oh well, that is what Indian TV has become for you. An alternative zoo. It would not be wrong to say that these were certainly the worst concepts Indian TV has ever witnessed.

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