Here are five signs of an ‘Insecure Woman’

Here are five signs that your girl is an insecure woman!

Feeling of insecurity is the most natural feeling when you are in love with someone. After all, if you love someone really hard, feeling insecure about that relationship is natural. But if these feelings turns into an obsession it can lead to distratrous results. It is important to understand the signs of insecurity in a woman. Here are five signs that your girl is an insecure woman .

We all are insecure to some degree, but if the signs are not mild then situation can be alarming.

Here are few signs you need to observe to know whether your girl is an insecure woman or not and if these signs are intense you need to take the matter into your hands. Because it is important to indentify that you are in a toxic relationship at an initial stage.

Here are five signs of an 'Insecure Woman'
Insecure woman

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1. She Is Controlling

She always controls you. When both the partners shares equality in a relationship then only it’s a healthy relationship. But if she always controls you then she is probably insecure . She acts bossy and never listens to you.

2 She defends herself

She takes everything as a criticism and never tries understand your point of view.

3. She Gets Jealous

Jealousy is a result of insecurity. It is a reaction that is triggered by some external event. Something like you talking to an attractive woman will set off her jealous reaction.

Here are five signs of an 'Insecure Woman'
She is obsessd

She will get jealous not only if you talk to other women but even if you so much as look at them. Getting jealous is normal but if she gets jealous even on a small incident is not normal

4. She Holds A Grudge

She loves keeping score and will hold a grudge forever. She doesn’t feel worthy of your love so feels that she has to hold one over you all the time and this causes problem as she never forgives because she actually doesn’t know how to love unconditionally

5. She wants that you should need her

People often tell their partners “I can’t live without you” as a romantic gesture. In reality we could all live without our partners if we had to.But an insecure woman is not only needy but she makes you needy as well.

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