Here are five best ways to use your day

This is how you should use your day

We all get 24 hours in a day but the important question is that how do we use it. Are you among the majority of people, who waste their time in watching TV and in using their phone? Well, if yes then it’s really important for you to know how to use your day so that you will able to complete your all the works before time. It is important to have a productive so that you can pat yourself at the end for achieving your goal.

Most of us waste much of our precious time in low intellectual activities which are of course of no use. Free Hours Gaps in Schedule, 5-15 minute breaks, Travelling, Conversations, Relaxation Sleep. These are free times or gaps we often get in our routines so it is important to utilize them properly.

Here are five best ways to use your day
How to use your day
  • Free Hours

This is the time that every person gets during a day. Normally we are free for 4 to 5 hours and again we do a mistake by sticking ourselves to TV. Well, these are crucial hours and we can do whatever we want to do so but one can utilize it efficiently by going to gym, or spending it with family. Possibilities are endless.

  • Gaps during schedule

These are those golden hours that rejoice you. Consider an example when your meeting is cancelled. During these stages of your day, you should have pre-planned activities. Know what can be done beforehand so that when these moments do crop up, you are not sat around watching the clock.

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  • 15 minute break

These are breaks we often take during studies or work. Best way to use it, is to search for items of topics that you find interesting or novels, books, newspaper etc.

  • Conversations

A conversation is an opportunity, an opportunity to test out your body language, human interactions, confidence with women, confidence around other men, manners, and so on. So try to indulge yourself in healthy conversation.

Here are five best ways to use your day
Do not waste time on Phones
  • Relaxation

You need some time for yourself, but that does not mean things have to stop. You can watch TV and still self-improve. Chew gum and strengthen your jaw, practice mouth posture and drive your maxilla upwards and forwards to make yourself better looking.

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