Here are 5 reasons why you should go on a coffee date more often

Embrace a coffee date

Coffee date is very common now- a -days. Not only couples even mother-daughter, Father-son and others too can go on a coffee date. Many of us are hopelessly addicted to our daily Starbucks, but this innocent beverage could be the answer to all your first date problems. Tired of spending hours at a bar with a jerk and then having to shell out for your own three glasses of wine? It’s time to embrace the coffee date, and there are a bunch of good reasons why you should prefer latte over alcohol!

Going on a coffee date is a good idea

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1. Coffee date is pre date: This is equally applicable to online dates and if you actually met in person, because let’s face it, it is always awkward and a bit scary to sit across from someone for the first time. It may as well be done in the afternoon over a quick coffee. Then, if sparks are flying and you have stuff to talk about, you can always go for drinks another time, and as a bonus you can walk into that bar knowing that things will go pretty well. But coffee is the best idea guys.

2. Alcohol can make you tired but caffeine wakes you up: Another reason why you should go for a coffee date is that it wakes you up. You should be relaxed on your first date but a cocktail will help you relax a little too much. But with the magic of caffeine, you will probably be bubblier than you usually are and will just start talking. This could be bad, of course, but if he is the right guy he will find you adorable and want to see you again.

Try to know each other better

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3. If you are not into six on the first or even end third date a coffee date can give you a buffer: There is nothing wrong with going slow and taking things at your own pace. It can just get a little awkward if you have had an amazing first date and now it seems 2 a.m. and you really want something to happen but feel more comfortable waiting until next time. But with a coffee date, there is no expectation of sex, so you will be in the clear.

4. Coffee date is honest it’s basically a job interview: Coffee is indeed professional. There is nothing worse than asking someone questions in a crowded bar because it is super obvious that this is a date . But in a sunny café on a weekend afternoon, asking those questions seems totally normal because job interviews take place in coffee shops every day, and a first date involves a lot of interview-type questions. What does he do? What does he want to do?

5. Post coffee you can go for a romantic walk: Beer and nachos? So not romantic. But there is something cute about walking around the city with a new romantic prospect. It’s not so cute at midnight when you are wondering what the safest way to get home is and are stressed about how to end the date.

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