#HealthySaturday: Decoding the Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women

Why do Japanese Women look Young?   Decoding the  beauty secrets of Japenese women 

When we talk about evergreen and long-lasting beauty, women of Japan comes to our mind. Be it skin or hair, they usually don’t look old.  But have you ever wondered why?  Today, we will be decoding the beauty secrets of Japanese women.  It is interesting to mention that Japan has the highest number of people who live more than 100 years.  A lot of experts believe that the secret lies in their food. People of Japan do not eat food just to rejuvenate their taste buds, but they try to reap maximum health benefits from their food.

#Secret1 – They don’t miss their cup of Green Tea

You may not like the taste of green tea but it can do wonders to your health.  It is a significant part of the Japanese lifestyle. We start our day with coffee and tea, right? But they can’t miss their cup of Green Tea. Powdered green tea is known as ‘Matcha’. It is first dried and milled into a fine powder. After that, it is mixed with hot water.  This tea is high antioxidants that helps the organism to fight free radicals and delays the ageing process.  Notably, consumption of green tea on a regular basis helps in shedding weight and also reduces the risk of heart disease.  It keeps the skin tight and also enhances the skin tone

According to a study published in JAMA in the year 2006, adults in Japan who drank more than 5 cups of green tea per day have a lower risk of cardiac arrest.

#Secret2- A lot of Vitamin C

Japanese women include a lot of Vitamin C in their diet.  Vitamin C boosts our natural collagen supply and it also helps in maintaining bone density. It deoxidizes and breakdown melanin, the natural pigmentation we get in our skin from tanning or ageing.

Melanin – The pigment that gives human skin, hair and eyes their colour. Dark- skinned people have more melanin and light skin people have less melanin.  Women in Japan constantly include Vitamin c in their diet through juice, vegetables or fruits.  Some Japan only fruits such as citrusy yuzu, Kaki, as well as shisho, work miraculously in keeping the skin young.

#Secret3: Azuki Beans – Now, what’s that?

Japanese women are using Azuki beans since the Nara Period (710 -794). They used this little red beans not only as part of a healthy diet but also for healthy-looking skin.  Azuki bean works great on the skin which is prone to acne or blackheads. It helps in diminishing fine lines. These legumes are high in antioxidants and contain a naturally occurring foaming agent known as ‘Saponin’ it helps in gently removing the dirt and dead skin cells. It brightens the skin by stimulating blood circulation.

How to make the face mask by using Azuki Beans?

To get young and spotless skin, you can prepare a face mask using Azuki Beans.  Use a grinder and grind ½ cup of dried azuki beans to a semi-fine powder. Transfer the mixture into a jar and store it in the fridge for a few hours.  After that, take ½ teaspoon of the powder in your palm, mix a few drops of water. Remember do not make the paste thin, it should be thick. Apply it on the wet face. Leave it for two minutes and then rinse it with warm water.

#Secret4: Fermented Foods is another secret of their long-lasting beauty

Fermented food is extremely beneficial for our health. Scientists have explained that fermented foods are produced through a process of Lacto fermentation. In this process, natural bacteria feed on sugar and starch contained in food and creates lactic acid. The process preserves all nutrients of the food and also creates beneficial enzymes, omega 3 and various other healthy probiotics. The fermentation process breaks down food into a more digestible form that helps in better digestion and eventually promotes weight loss. Fermentation helps in expelling harmful toxins and heavy metals from cell tissue.  Japanese women include a lot of fermented food in their diet.  And that is the secret of their beauty.

#Secret5:  Bath, Bath, Bath – Hot Springs

Hot springs bath are very common in Japan. In the local language, a hot spring is called ‘Onsen’. Hot springs have healing properties and beneficial for overall health.  Hot spring bath improves the blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout the entire body.  Hot springs help in reducing stress. One of the main reasons why Japanese women look young is taking a hot spring at least twice a month.


People of Japan are known for their discipline. They do not eat food while walking. Also, they eat food in small portions.  Japanese women look young and slim because they adhere to a strict diet. Also, green tea and foods rich in Vitamin C are a part of their daily routine.

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