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If you are experiencing this, Congo! You have a Healthy Vagina

Signs you have a healthy Vagina, here is how you can check 

Almost 50% of the human population is carrying vaginas on the earth. But still, many of us keep wondering whether our vaginal activities are normal or not? Therefore, we are here to discuss four things  for healthy vagina  which may look or sound strange, but trust us! They are completely normal.

1. Virginal discharge that bleaches underwear

Healthy vagina

Sometimes or most of the time we notice that our dark-coloured underwear starts getting discoloured. Things happen due to discharge which is 100% normal. The reason behind it is, the vaginal epithelium is lined with cells that make glycogen. Glycogen is home to bacteria called lactobacilli. The function of lactobacilli is to convert glucose into lactic acid.

The PH level of lactic acid is low. Due to this our vaginal discharge is also acidic and results in discolouring or bleaching of our underwear. This includes the category of normal as the vagina knows how to keep itself clean. It is also advisable to not use any soap or body wash as it can disrupt the vaginal microbiome and can actually cause more problems.

Dr Meenakshi Ahuja, Director at OBG, Fortis la Femme, Academic Sec, Delhi Gynae forum
President, Indian menopause society (Delhi chapter) said, “The vagina is a very sensitive area of the body and so is its outer protective area or the vulva. Harsh soaps and body washes including antidepressants will destroy the bad as well as the protective good bacteria of the area.”

2. Vaginal noises

Yes, your vagina makes noises that are also considered a vaginal fart. Well, this might give you some goofy moments but totally a physiological process. Your gyno may refer to this term as queefing.
Many activities like, squatting, having sex, even inserting certain sex toys or fingers can result in queefing. They tend to trap air inside the vagina which comes out through the vaginal opening only.
Therefore, that voice is nothing but escaping air out of your vagina.

3. Vagina causing brown period blood

Healthy vagina

It might sound a little weird but completely normal behen. It is just a result of an organic chemistry reaction. When our period flow is lighter, like at the beginning of the end of periods, sometimes the blood does not drain out completely and just sits in the vagina for a while. Since the vagina is an acidic environment, this causes a process of oxidation and turns blood into a brown colour.
If it comes out normally, it might be dark brown. And if it comes out after mixing with vaginal discharge, we may witness it in light brown colour.

Use or not to use Vaginal Hygiene Products: Expert Advice

4.The vagina creates blood clots during periods

In these cases, the vaginal is more responsible than our uterus. Again, when the blood comes out of the healthy vagina, then it can sit there and coagulate. That turns it into a blood clot. When we stand up or move around, or go to the washroom, then we might notice it coming out as a small or medium blood clot.

Dr Ahuja shared a piece of information on this matter. She said, “Clots in your period indicate that they are heavier than normal. These periods may be painful as Lao. If you have irregular or heavy periods do see your doctor to rule out hormonal or structural abnormalities like fibroids or add onto sis. See your gynaecologist, she will do an examination, get your blood profiling for haemoglobin and hormones and may get an ultrasound done. Meanwhile give you some medication for relief from pain.

Note: If you are experiencing lots of blood clots that are bigger, then it is not normal. You should consult your gynaecologist at the earliest. Otherwise, this is just a normal clot.

5. Vaginal smell

Some women expect to smell their vagina like roses. It is a part of the body and not a garden. Normal vaginal discharge has a musky, mild scent that is not unpleasant. Which concludes that a very slight smell is normal.

note: Any foul or strong smell, or a smell that is unusual, is a sign that things are out of balance, and that you should get yourself checked out.

All of these are how our body functions. Most of the time we are confused because we are unaware of the facts. There is no harm in knowing and exploring the basic functions of our body. After all, getting busy with our own body can help us chuck unwanted inhibitions.

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