Healthy Sprouts


To obtain huge health benefits be friends with those little white wiggly entities peeping out of seeds and grains.


Just think about cultivating a nutritious jar of unadulterated nutrition on your kitchen counter.


Cultivate the healthy habit of sprouting your lentils and beans and enjoy the multiple nutritional benefits.


Fascinatingly, sprouts grow in every type of weather, identical to fresh meat in dietary value.


Sprouts are full-grown in 3 to 5 days, involve neither soil nor sunshine, and can even be eaten uncooked.


All cooked grains (wheat, millet, rye, rice, barley), seeds (clover, celery, oats, radish, alfalfa, sunflower, fenugreek), and legumes (moath, moong, peanuts, brown lentil or masoor, chickpeas or kabuli chana, soya beans, white beans) and broccoli are sprouted to provide unmatched benefits.


Sprouted or germinated seeds and legumes augment their vitamins, minerals and prote

ins radically with an equivalent decreases in the calories and carbohydrates.

Benefits of Germinated Beans and Seeds

High in Nourishment:

The dietary significance is much higher than the normally used seeds and beans from which they germinate. For example, whole dried peas have simply no vitamin C, but when sprouted they contain more amount of vitamin C than a fresh orange. Sprouts are also rich in fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, protein and vitamins.



Sprouts contain powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals. The broccoli sprouts have strong anti carcinogenic consequence.



Sprouts hold plenty of anti-oxidants that avert cell destruction and defend us from the on-going processes of aging.


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Enriched with Fibre:

Sprouts are rich sources of fibre. Fibre, as you know is helpful in keeping your digestive system free from diseases, eliminating constipation and helps you stay fuller between regular meals.


Easier to Assimilate:

Although sprouts are living and growing food basic, they are enriched with enzymes. This make sprouts easy to get digested and assimilated by your body.


Lesser Calorie Content:

Do you spend time on observing your weight and cutting down calorie intake? Consuming sprouts is a great option as it contains only nine calories per ounce.


Best for Vegetarians:

Sprouts are the best available option for vegetarians to complete their protein necessities.


Rich in Oxygen:

As we all know, sprouts are ‘living’ food; they hold thousands of oxygen molecules, which are crucial for healthy cells. Oxygen-enriched foods can ward off bacteria and viruses.


Alkalizing Effect:

A healthy body is alkaline. Sprouts being alkaline are healthy for your body and its proper functioning.


Excellent Source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA):

A regular diet is normally lacking in essential fatty acids. Sprouts are full of essential fatty acids that are vital in performing numerous important body functions and also play a chief role in immune responses.


Less Glycaemic Index (GI):

Sprouts have low glycaemic index and can be best for diabetics.


Low in Price:

Sprouts are low-priced and very easily available source of healthy nutrition.


Keeping in mind, the above listed health benefits of sprouts, start eating them to have a well-balanced and fat-free diet.


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