Healthy Fast Foods



Junk food is not necessarily unhealthy for you as claimed by a new study conducted by researchers at the Madrid University.


Though excess intake of junk food is harmful for you r health but small amount of fried snacks in sunflower oil or olive oil can be beneficial.


The study was conducted for 11 years with 40,757 volunteers. No direct connection was found between coronary heart diseases and fried food consumption.


Healthy Effects of Fried Foods:

We know that too much of fried food result in obesity but a little amount is useful in giving calories required to perform our daily activities.


Just as sedentary lifestyle alone is not responsible for health hazards, similarly junk food is not the sole culprit for various health disorders.


There are a number of reasons for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Unhealthy diet is just one of them and not the only reason.


Your Cooking Oil Matters:

Studies have revealed that reduction in the consumption of hydrogenated vegetable oils and palm oil causes a marked reduction in the probability of various metabolic disorders.


They can be safely substituted by olive oil and sunflower oils.


To conclude it can be stated that food cooked properly in good oil is best for a healthy living.


The study was published in British medical Journal.



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