Healthy Cantaloupes or Muskmelons

Healthy Cantaloupes or Muskmelons


Ever heard of cantaloupes? Well it’s your native muskmelon. What is more refreshing and blissful than eating muskmelons which are not only the powerhouses of wellness but also tremendously soothing and fragrant.


Cantaloupes or muskmelons are from the Cucurbitaceae family and are extensively available from June to August.


This fruits contains high percentage of water and is round or oval in shape with a rough and scaly peel.


Healthy Cantaloupes or Muskmelons


It contains a mesh of melon seeds and has a hollow fleshy core. Dried melon seeds have high nutritive value and are eaten after peeling off the covering.


Muskmelon are enriched with Vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, thiamine, pantothenic acid, dietary fiber and superoxide dismutase.


Cantaloupes prevent various degenerative diseases due to presence of vitamin C and beta-carotene.


Benefits of Muskmelons/Cantaloupes

Here are mentioned some wonderful benefits of muskmelons.:


Good in Diabetic Nephropathy-

Diabetic nephropathy is a degenerative disorder of kidneys resulting in damage of kidneys. Cantaloupes contain oxykine extract that is beneficial in arresting the kidney disorder.


Checks High Blood Pressure-

Muskmelon contains superoxide dismutase that is capable in lowering stress and checking high blood pressure. Since cantaloupes contain good amount of potassium, therefore they prevent hypertension. The sodium present in the fleshy fruit acts as anticoagulant and reduces the viscosity of blood and prevents clotting of blood.


Good for Pregnant Women-

Being rich in folic acid, cantaloupes or muskmelons facilitates women in conceiving. Folic acid is essential for regeneration of dead and non-viable cells. It is also required to prevent the fetal neural tube defect in pregnant women. Besides this cantaloupes provide a good supply of water and helps maintain hydration level of women during pregnancy.


Fights Cancer-

Muskmelons are rich in vitamin C-an antioxidant capable to eliminate free radicals released from damaged cells hence eating cantaloupes helps you keep cancer at bay.


Delays Cataract-

The beta carotene found in muskmelon helps in delaying the occurrence of cataracts. So, eat it to keep your eyes well protected against cataract.


Treats Insomnia-

Sleep disorder or insomnia can also be treated by eating muskmelon as it relaxes muscles and nerves and promotes better sleep.


Eases Menstrual Cramps-

Cantaloupes are known to ease menstrual cramps and stops heavy period flow.


Good for Lungs-

Oxygen is required for keeping lungs healthy and in good shape. Carcinogens such as smoke creates a deficiency of vitamin A. Eating cantaloupes fulfill this deficiency. So, rejuvenate your lungs and reduce the threat of emphysema by eating muskmelons.


Reduces Stress-

Since muskmelons increase the supply of oxygen to your brain therefore eating them help you combat stress and everyday anxiety. It keeps you focused and relaxed.


Ideal for Calorie Conscious People-

A bowl of diced cantaloupes contain mere 50 calories and has 89 percent water, it is therefore the ideal food for all calorie conscious individuals.


With a high amount of water content, cantaloupes are good to counter dehydration common in summers.


An Amazing Recipe-

Make a juice of fresh squeezed muskmelons and add some peaches to it. Now blend it and make a refreshingly delicious drink. You can also add some diced cantaloupes and add some curd to enhance its nutritive value and richness.


So now you know about the innumerable health benefits of cantaloupes or muskmelon so eat them and reap the amazing benefits. Stay fit with muskmelons!