Health: Yoga Asanas for Faster Hair Growth

Increase the length of your hair with these simple Asanas

The word Yoga means “Union” which addresses to the union of mind, body and soul. Yoga is a form of exercise which includes posture of body, control of breathing, cleansing the body and mind, visualisation, chanting, meditation of various forms and many more.


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Yoga has many benefits. It improves muscle strength and flexibility of body. It improves balance. It removes tensions from muscle. It also helps us build focus and concentration. It has countless benefits.

The most attracting thing about yoga is that it dates back to thousands of years and it is has been scientifically proven that it still works effectively on human body. Yoga’s benefits for body and mind is widely known but one less known fact about yoga is that it has miraculous effects on Hair as well.

Yoga can facilitate hair growth and it can make your hair grow faster than its real pace. It can also decrease hair fall rapidly. Yoga helps in protecting your crown glory from hair loss. The reason why many of the people face major hair loss is due to stress, anxiety and depression. The condition of your hair is impacted directly by your general mental and physical health. To have healthy hair, you must be physically and mentally healthy. Hormonal imbalance, diseases, drugs intake, hair dyes, smoking and dandruff can also cause hair fall.

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Yoga and meditation can restrict your hair-loss and it will also give you healthy hair, mind and body. It improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, improves digestion and relieves stress and anxiety. Yoga also fights depression and makes you calmer.

Now, let us look at the various asanas that help in hair growth.

Yoga Asanas’ Guide

1) Vajrasana – This pose is also known as kneeling pose. The word ‘Vajra’ in sanskrit means thunder or diamond. It is believed that by doing this asana your body becomes as strong as a diamond. This asana is easy to do and pranayama, kapalbharti, etc are performed sitting in this position. To perform this asana, get down on your feet. Kneel down while putting your lower legs backwards and keep them together. Slowly rest your hips on your feet. Now, put your hands on your knees and look forward. Keep your attention at the way you are breathing and observe the way you inhale and exhale. Stay in this position for 5 mins and relax after that. This asana reduces mind related problems like stress and it also controls hormonal imbalance.


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2) Sasankasana – Environmental issues like pollution can also cause hair fall. The moment you go out, you feel your hair becoming frizzy and rough. If its monsoon season then the hair have no chance of looking good. Try this asana to fight hair loss. This pose is also known as rabbit pose. Now to start this asana, sit in vajrasana. While keeping your knees together, rest the weight of your body on your heels. Inhale slowly while raising your hands straight above the head. Now lean backwards as much as possible. Now exhale while bending and lowering your levis forward. Now bend forward and bring your hands and head completely in a straight line in the forward direction. Keep your palms and hands together while facing down. Keep this pose for few minutes. Come back to your former position and relax.

3) Ustrasana – It is also called Camel pose. It improves digestion and helps in hair growth too. This asana is an intermediate level back-bending asana so you must do it with proper care. To do this asana, kneel on the yoga mat and put your hands on your hips. As you inhale, push your shoulders back and draw your tail-bone towards the pubis. Arch your back and touch your feet from your hands. Keep a neutral pose and stay in this posture for a minute. Come back slowly to your initial position and relax. Repeat for 4-5 times. Keep breathing slowly and consciously while doing this asana. While doing this pose, do not put pressure on your back. Keep a neutral pose.


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4) Uttanasana – This is an easy looking asana but it has many benefits. One of which is that it can help your hair grow faster. It is an intense forward bending pose. It gives an intense stretch to your spine, neck and body. To do this asana, stand straight on your mat and place your hands on your hips. Now slowly inhale and then exhale while gently bending forward. Fold your hips and touch your feet from your hands. Try to touch your forehead with your knees or try to reach as closer as possible. Hold the pose for few seconds. While inhaling come back to your former position. You must feel a stretch in your hamstrings. This exercise also facilitates blood circulation in the head.

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5) Adho Mukha Svanasana – This pose is also known as downwards dog pose. It improves blood circulation in the scalp. It also aids depression, anxiety and stress which are the major reasons for hair fall. Now to perform this asana, you have to stand on your four limbs. Exhale while slowly lifting your hips and form an inverted ‘V’ shape from your body. Keep your hands in line with the shoulders and feet in line with your hips. Now lengthen your neck so that your ears touch your inner arm and gaze at your navel. Hold the asana for few seconds and then return to the former position. Repeat the asana for 5-6 times.

Try these yoga asanas at home and get the hair you always wished for. You can learn yoga from an ashram or you can watch several tutorials at home. You can follow a daily yoga routine in which you can mix-match several asanas as per your need. You will notice changes in your body within a week. A thirty minute yoga session is sufficient for good health. Be a regular yogi and make it a part of your routine.

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