Add Eggs to the first meal of your day to reap amazing Health Benefits

Are you really eating the healthy stuff in the morning?

We all love Roti, Paratha and sabzi prepared by our mother. We have been eating those in the breakfast since we landed on earth and thus following the trend in India. This breakfast is probably the most popular breakfast consumed by the majority of Indians. Let’s take a moment and realize if we are eating the right meal for decades.

In a fight to be fit and healthy, people hit the gym, go for a morning walk but are they really eating the right stuff. Breakfast is always considered to be the most important meal of the day. Sabzi and Parthaare made with ghee, oil or butter. Ghee has high saturated fat, Oils are jam-packed with calories as pure liquid fat and butter too have saturated fats and are high in calories.

Our mothers want us to stay healthy and look healthy too. But gone are the days when people looked attractive with chubby cheeks. Now, you got to have less fat in your cheeks, giving you a square Jaw. Be it a female or male you will have killer looks with a square jaw.

In order to have the perfect jawline, you need the decrease the fat percentage of your body. How would you do it? Replace the traditional breakfast with eggs. Not just eggs are healthy but they are delicious too. You could make an omelet of egg, prepare bhurji or just have it as boiled eggs.

Here are some of the benefits of Eggs

1. Egg whites are a rich source of protein

Eggs have 21 types of amino acids which help our body to build its protein.

2. They will keep you full

Having eggs in breakfast will keep you full. Your stomach won’t ask for food every time you are into your work.

3. Eggs help in weight loss

Eggs consumed without yolks will not produce much fat in your body and it is believed that it assists in weight loss.

4. Egg yolks are not going to make your cholesterol worse

It is a myth that even two egg yolks are going to increase the cholesterol level in your body. Do watch the number of whole eggs you are consuming in a day. Try not to eat more than 3 whole eggs. Avoid yolks and eat only egg whites.

5. Eggs help in memory and brain development

They are loaded with choline which is a very important nutrient for brains

6. Eggs protect our eyesight

The two antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin have powerful protective effects on the eyes.

7. Eggs come at a relatively pocket-friendly price

Honestly! Eggs are budget-friendly and they won’t put a heavy dent on your budget.

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