7 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise: Why you should do it?

Deep Breathing Exercise Benefits: How to Practice it?

Breathing correctly is important for your overall well being. It calms your mind and keeps you focused. Deep breathing is important as it decreases stress, relaxes your mind, body and can help you to sleep better. Here are a few benefits of deep breathing that you should know.

Deep breathing exercise can be practiced anywhere. Of course, it is good if you practice it in the morning but it can be practiced anytime throughout the day. Here are a few benefits of deep breathing, take a look:

1. The upward and downward movement of the diaphragm, while deep breathing helps to remove the toxins from the body which leads to better blood flow in the body.

2. It increases oxygen flow in our blood which in turn increase blood flow and that leads to higher energy levels.

3. Deep breathing also reduces acidity in the body. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety which can result in acidity.

4. It increases the oxygen supply all across the body. Which means higher energy levels and it also calms the nervous system.

5. When you are angry or tensed your muscles tighten up. Deep breathing helps to relax your mind and body by increasing the oxygen supply.

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6. It keeps uneasy feelings and negative emotions that bay. So, it is important to practice it on a regular basis.

7. When you deep breathe it makes your lungs healthy. It keeps respiratory problems at bay.


Due to our hectic schedules, we often don’t get time to hit the gym. It is not possible for everyone to follow a strict diet and work out schedules. In that case, deep breathing can help you a lot. There is no compulsion when it comes to deep breathing. So, whenever you want to take a break from your hectic schedule you can practice it.

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