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Health and Wellness Summit 2021: MediBuddy unites with Great Place to work for the cause!

Health and Wellness Summit 2021:  Companies that have successfully created workplace cultures that foster holistic employee well-being will be facilitated

The year 2020 changed a lot, especially for corporate India. From working in the office to an overnight transition to work from home, took a toll on employees for the worse.  Hence, the year 2020 saw Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, partner with  MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform to launch the only public study in the space of workplace wellness to understand the building blocks of creating a workplace culture that fosters employee health and well- being,   thus enabling high performance.  Health and Wellness Summit 2021 will facilitate the companies that have successfully created better working conditions for their employees.

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Lifestyle Diseases are increasing at a higher rate

When it comes to workplaces, an employee’s health and wellness are one of the most important criteria for an environment that inspires employees to give their best. Statistics reveal that the global economy loses about US$ 1 Trillion per year in productivity due to depression and anxiety. 4 out of 10 employees working in corporate India from either depression or general anxiety disorder. 35% of the victim of heart attacks in our country are under 35 years of age and lifestyle diseases are on the rise. If anything, the year 2020, only further heightened the challenges that Corporate India must address with respect to employee health and well-being, given that the figures only worsened amidst the pandemic and remote working. It is imperative that employee health and well-being is among the top 2 priorities of every business leader today and has become an absolute ‘Must Do’ for every individual and corporate.

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How was the study conducted?

 The public study conducted by Great Place to Work in partnership with MediBuddy aimed to identify India’s Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness. The pioneering study captures the experience of over 9000 employees representing the voice of more than 1 million employees. The public study conducted by MediBuddy in partnership with Great Place to Work is aimed to provide insight into Employee Wellness Programmes and the need for it. The findings of the study are based on a  survey conducted by MediBuddy across 11000 users and the analysis of transactions on its digital platform. Based on a comprehensive and rigorous assessment, Great Place to Work has identified ‘India’s 10 Best workplaces in Health and Wellness,’ where the organisations have well-designed practices for workplace wellness. The inaugural list for the same was unveiled on 19th March 2021 at the Health and Wellness Summit 2021.

India needs a healthy work culture

A lot of Indians complaint about the toxic work culture in the country. A lot of them are forced to work on weekends and there are no fixed working hours. A lot of times, employees are expected to take calls after office hours, they are expected to be available on calls even if they are on a holiday. A lot of stress and pressure of performing well lead to serious health problems. The Hustle culture is prevalent in India and productivity is measured on the basis of longer working hours. In that case, it is important to create a holistic working culture where employees overall wellness is taken care of. Healthy work culture makes an employee more productive and leads to better results. Creating a safe and healthy work culture is the need of the hour.

What do you think? Tell us your views in the comments section below? What all one should include when it comes to healthy work culture.

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