5 News Stories that Hit the Headlines in January 2022

Here is the list of news stories that hit the headlines in January 2022


  • This Republic Day witnessed many firsts
  • When Muslim women were set on auction
  • Railway Students’ protest turned after passenger train torched
  • Celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib sparked controversy  
  • Divided by borders, united by heart

Headlines in January 2022:

The first month of the Year 2022, comes with various ups and downs. Where some news stories left us proud and emotional, others were filled with controversies and outrage.

Here is the list of news stories that hit the headlines in January 2022.

This Republic Day witnessed many firsts

India’s Republic Day 2022 parade remains the major highlight of January as it included many firsts. Showcasing its military prowess and cultural diversity, India celebrated its 73rd Republic Day.

The contingent of the Parachute Regiment wore the new combat uniform of the army, unveiled on January 15.

India’s 1st woman Rafale pilot Shivangi Singh headed the IAF tableau.

Selected via nationwide dance competition Kala Kumbh event, 480 dancers performed in the parade.

The grand flypast of 75 aircraft stole the show. For the first time, IAF coordinated with Doordarshan to show cockpit videos during the flypast.

Due to limited space and time, a total of 12 states and 9 ministries were showcased in the parade. Most of them not just showcased their culture, but depicted unsung battles and heroes.

When Muslim women were set on auction

This new year, Muslim women in India, woke up to find themselves listed for sale. An app called, ‘Bulli Bai’ was created like ‘Sulli Deals’ on GitHub. The app creators would illegally collect photos from their social media accounts. They would troll them and use the photos inappropriately. They also encourage people to participate in their auction. This triggered a major controversy in the nation as it happened twice in less than a year.

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However, the prime accused of the Bulli Bai case has been sent to judicial custody after the rejection of the bail plea by the Delhi court.

Railway Students’ protest turned violent after passenger train torched

Protests of students turned violent across Bihar when a passenger train was set on fire and another was attacked. This action was taken against a Railway Board Exam. Angry students blocked trains and vandalized them as they alleged the Railway board for irregularities in the Railway Recruitment Board’s exam.

The protesting students and police clashed as job aspirants continued protests in various parts of the state.

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Amid this, an FIR was filed against Khan Sir in Patna as he was accused of inciting violence during the protests by aspirants. With over 14 million subscribers, the popular YouTuber provides coaching for competitive examinations.

However, after the FIR Khan sir appealed for calm from the students.

Thousands of students are opposing the board’s decision to hold the recruitment result and railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has assured to listen to every grievance of the students.

Celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib sparked controversy  

Jawed Habib, a well-known hair expert, sparked outrage after spitting on a woman’s hair during a session. The event took place during a training seminar. He reportedly said that this is what you do in case there is no water around. People on social media were totally aghast.

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He later released an apology video on his official Instagram handle.

Divided by borders, united by heart

Siddiqui and Habib separated by partition met again after 74 years apart. The siblings’ emotional reunion was captured in a video and went viral. The younger Siddique was an infant in 1947 when the family split. He remained in Pakistan’s Faisalabad while his elder brother grew up in India’s Punjab. Both met at the Kartarpur corridor. Brothers burst into tears after sharing a hug filled with emotions.

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During the scene, Habib lauded the move to reopen Kartarpur as it helped him to reconnect with his brother.

These were some stories that hit headlines in January 2022. If there are more who attract your attention to an extent, do not forget to share them with us.

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