Have you found your true love? Let’s check!

According to people, finding true love in the 20th century is not possible as youngsters just feel infatuation and term it as love but what if you have actually fallen in love? But how will you know if it is actually true love or just an attraction?

Let’s check!

1. You both watch out for each other

The time when you both are together whether it’s a beach or a work party, you both make sure that the other is doing fine and is comfortable makes you both keep going.


True love written on wood

2. No dress up

The way, in which you dress or behave on any day, it doesn’t matter when you’re with your true love. This shows the comfort level you have with the person. You can absolutely wear anything and be completely comfortable in front of that person and not feel conscious at all.

3. When you are his priority number 1

This one is quite obvious isn’t it?

You know you are his priority when you are the only one getting his urgent and undivided attention.

4. Introductions involve no hesitations

You know its true love when you both don’t feel an ounce of hesitation while introducing your other half to your friends and family.

5. Sharing information

By this we don’t mean telling minute to minute updates but sharing moments with each other and keeping yourself updated about each other lives.

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