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Have you ever thought what’s more between the kisses?

Here is a guide help you to have a spectacular kiss before you go to plant a wet one on your sweetie.

Do you remember when you kissed someone for the first time? It went good and you had so much fun, perhaps, because it was your first kiss, or it was a kiss of pure lust, or I missed you kiss that’s why you wanted to do more and couldn’t resist. But was it the same for her?

Of course it all depends on who you’re kissing!

Kissing is healthy, we all know it, but it is not something that comes naturally. It’s an art that needs to be learned, practiced, and improved upon. The act brings two people close enough to touch their lips together which also leads their bodies to move together as well. Experts say that kissing improves the bonding between the partners emotionally as well as physically, doesn’t matter if you meet your partner or when you drop them near their house.

For some it is like creating a passionate moment which is far more intimate than the sexual intercourse as when you kiss, you feel the warmth in your heart, in your skin, and you can experience the intimacy of the minds and bodies along with the taste and the sweetness of her lips.

However as passionate, and romantic, as it sounds, it’s not always the case. There are several other thoughts running through the mind while kissing. So, ensure to follow these essential instructions to have a tempting and long sensational make-out session.


1. Breath: Practice good oral hygiene to make sure your breath and body smell incredible. If you have any doubts about it, freshen your mouth with a mint shortly before the kiss. However, you don’t have to be depended on this every time because girls notice every little thing and you don’t have to give an impression that you have bad breath and you had to do something about it.

2. Body odour: Everyone has their own kind of body odour and when a man is attracted to a woman, he can feel the sweet scent yet romantic body odour which can lighten up the sexual feelings. A good sense of smell is a sensual part of the whole art of kissing and can take his breath away so use a good perfume, deodorant, or a light lotion on your skin which will leave a pleasant scent to have a remarkable impression.

3. Tongue play: Show tenderness and start slowly with your lips and the tongue. Never try to thrust your tongue into your partner’s mouth right away just simply press your lips against theirs and let yourself linger between kisses with your partner as it will help build the passion. Try French kissing in which you insert your tongue smoothly into your partner’s mouth to let it dance with your partner’s tongue and what happens next, you won’t even know.

4. Go sensually aggressive: While kissing for a while if you want to try something wild then get a little more adventurous by gently biting your partner’s lower lip. But make sure do not suck on their lip or bite too hard unless they really like it. You can also try some necking, licking while kissing if things are moving really well by sliding your head down to your partner’s neck and just do whatever makes you both happy.

5. Use your arms: It feels phenomenal when a guy embraces a girl by kissing her while running his hands up and down through her hair. Also, caress her back or gentle strokes on her waist, sides, or other parts of the body smoothly as it leaves a huge sensation. It is a big turn on when you wrap your arms around your partner, however, make sure that wherever you feel like touching her, it should be determined by the status of your relationship, your mutual desires, and your partner’s signals, whether they are spoken or communicated non-verbally.

6. A little tilted head: Experts say that you have romantic feelings for your partner when your head is tilted while you kiss. There many reasons for this but the fact is that if you have an amazing kiss with your partner you will know it which could actually leave her craving for more.  The way you lean in toward her. You can tilt your heads one way or another, right or left whichever side pleases you the most.

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