Have healthy food and say ‘NO’ Multivitamins

Food VS Supplement: What would you like have?

We all like to have healthy food, and even most of us do a lot of efforts to eat healthy. In the era, where nobody has time for health, a lot of us rely on multi- vitamins to top- up the tank. Today, we will tell you some foods that you can add in your diet to get full dose of vitamins.

Food and Supplements

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But unfortunately, scientists say that this is not really the way these nutrients work, and some vitamins provide no benefit and are nothing more than ‘expensiveness’.

Multivitamins don’t contain minerals that are important for the proper functioning of various metabolic processes. Your body is not going to absorb the nutrients to these pills in the same way that they metabolize the foods you eat.

Actually, some of the multivitamins can do more harm than good, so you might want to skip them.

Take a look on supplementary Vitamins:-


Our country faces a serious problem with iron deficiency. A survey shows that 50% of Indian women and 30% of men in the mid of their 30’s-40’s have iron deficiency anemia. If you are suffering from this deficiency, then you should first consult doctor before taking any supplements. Unfortunately, an overload of iron can cause to liver and pancreas damage, diabetes and several other serious health problems.

Health Consciousness

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Calcium is more beneficial for women because they have thinner or smaller bones than men. Women have to face at their higher ages with menopause that reduces estrogen levels, that protects the bones. But again, calcium supplements are not the solution to it. Research shows that calcium supplements are linked to kidney stones and strokes.


Iodine deficiency is pretty rare in India. It is an important mineral that is linked with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland secretes a kind of hormone that controls your metabolic processes. But excess iodine can cause thyroid dysfunction, including hypothyroidism.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E supplements gained popularity because it has strong antioxidant properties. But recent surveys show that if men are taking 400 IU vitamin E supplements on a regular basis, it has 17% increased chances prostate cancer.

Be Health Conscious

You might not have the time to plan your diet. But make it sure that every meal you are having should be well balanced. And if you are including some foods in your daily diet like eggs, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, then you really don’t need of these multivitamins. Be smart and choose healthy food .

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