Have bananas in your breakfast!

Fruits are full of nutrients and healthy for us we all know that! Even many of us have bananas in our diet. Isn’t it true? Because of its unique benefits, but here are more benefits that you people are not aware of.

Just check it out!

Have bananas in your breakfast!


1 Reduces stress- Bananas usually helps to de- stress person because it consists if amino acids which relaxes our mood.

2 Good for teeth- If you guys are tired of showing your dirty yellow teeth than rub bananas cover on your teeth after brush daily it will bring shine.

3 Makes skin glow – Bananas are full of vitamin A, potassium ,calcium, carbohydrates that are very valuable for the skin.

4 Used as burning cream- Apply bananas pury immediately on your burnt part of the body you will get instant relief from it.

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