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8 Artists who are exceptionally creating content in solidarity with Hathras Rape Case Victim and the Hopelessness in the Country

These Artists are angry and they are pouring their anger in their art, showing the utter hopelessness in the country

Where this year has been exceptionally hard for so many reasons, a few incidents have been so shocking and heartbreaking that it has filled us with immense hopelessness. Last month itself, we have seen some darkest days of Indian democracy, media trial and witch hunt of Rhea Chakraborty, Umar Khalid and other political prisoners getting arrested, farmer’s protesting against the new farm bill, mismanagement in the parliament and as if that wasn’t enough, a 14-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered. And, what’s more disheartening is the treatment of this case by UP’s Government, which is saying that the girl was not raped, and even burnt (cremated) the body of the victim at 3:00 AM in the morning. As reporters, we always try to bring the news and opinions to the masses, incidents of such barbaric crimes like these often trigger to us too.


In this utter hopelessness, here are some angry artists who are putting their thoughts in their creations and making art for justice and voices of dissent. Art has always been a catalyst of resistance and here are a few who are making such an art –


1. Smish 


She calls herself a proud Brown Woman and is more than a political artist. Her artworks are filled with emotions and a lot of food for thought. Her two artworks,

1) One where UP’s CM Yogi is being served with woods on fire by policemen and,

2) where she emphasises on triggers and hopelessness in the news of Hathras Rape Case.


2. Mir Suhail 

An artist, a political Cartoonist and a Fashion Designer, Mir Suhail has been an extremely outspoken artist who puts his ideas and rage in cartoons and artwork. We may often find his artwork speaking volumes with minimal or no captions at all. Of the many cartoons on Hathras Rape Case, one of it is an artwork below.


3. Afsaana E Hoor 

‘A hijabi doodler who brings you the quirky side of her world’ is how she describes herself and yes, her work is quirky, critical and absolutely for the right love for women. Here very recent artwork with women wearing a blue saree is as symbolic as anything could be and she finds it as a representation of non-discrimination that under the sky, everyone is believed to be equal.

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4. Varun Chouhan


Documenting reality is the most realist art and Varun Chaudhary’s camera has done that. Some of the early photographs from the protest site (India Gate) on October 1 came through his camera.

He captioned it as ‘Protest at India gate today asking justice for Manisha Valmiki (against the Hathras gangrape). The protesters gathered at India Gate, the police were present there in more number than the protesters.

Everyone including the visitors and vendors was asked to vacate the grounds opposite of India gate. Later once the protest began, police gathered around the protesters and started detaining them. They were dragged, chased, some were beaten too and were later taken to the police station.’

5. Orijit Sen 

A political feed that will make you angry and hopeless is how we must put Orijit Sen. Here is an artwork he has posted recently, which is not a recent one by as he captions it, “Caste, Patriarchy and Uttar Pradesh. This an old work. Not related to the horror of Hathras – but about another village, another time. But of course, they’re all related.” THEY ARE ALL RELATED.


6. Profile name – madpaule_diaries


“Disturbing, Isn’t It?” asks the bio of this artist and the artworks are really really disturbing. Why? because they are unabashedly speaking the truth. Of a few artworks in solitude with Hathras victim, here is the recent one that is just all true.


7. Siddhesh Gautam 


Making feminist artworks and artworks on Dalits rights, Siddhesh Gautam is among the several political artist and Ambedkarite. From his many works, this piece below represents the darkest side of the police when they burnt the body of the victim of Hathras Rape Case.


8. Nidhi Saine


Nidhi is a doctor by Profession and a poet by passion. Her poems pour heart and her recent post on her Instagram feed is all about women, anger and truth.

The Hathras case is not the only case which needs our attention and concentration. A Logical Indian’s report says, “87 rape cases were reported daily, and a total of 4,05,861 cases of crime against women were reported during 2019.” It is not an individual’s issue. It is all the same. And we are glad, these artists are voicing for the rights of the rape victims.

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