Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Hate Story 2 , New Girl : Same Name, Same Story

Vengeance is the virtue of every sexy woman. Atleast Indian Cinema seems to believe that, presently. Sunny Leone, Vidya Balan, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra etc. have all done it off late, in movies like Jism 2, Ishqiya & Kahani, Dedh Ishqiya & Gulaab Gang, Saat Khoon Maaf respectively. With the curves to kill they require no weapon any more, and trust me when I say that former television actress Surveen Chawla is no exception. Surprising everybody with her toned and worked out self she triumphs in achieving the attention donning a bikini.

Debuting with the movie is another television face, Jay Bhanushali. The crackling chemistry they share is fresh and sizzling. Apart from his voice which is dubbed for reasons unknown Jay seems to have good screen presence. But there is little of him to see in the movie apart from the intimate scenes. Hate Story 2 is not extremely different from its prequel when talking of erotica and thrill but yes the story lacks pace. Director Vishal Pandya seriously forgot about making sense while finalizing his script instead, only focused on raising the oomph factor.

The movie took an enigmatic start and slowly brought out the Hate Story version, along with it came the sexy smoking witch/bitch, Sonika (Surveen Chawla).

Hate Story 2: Movie Review

Sonika is caught between making a good debut, fitting into designer clothes making her look nothing less than a black wild cat and lastly trying to act her part of a wounded woman, desperate to settle scores with Mandhar (Sushant Singh).

The name last mentioned is the only favour the movie does to its audiences. Singh’s acting credibility needs no verification but with HS 2 he surely has taken it to the next level. Be it the expressions, dialogues or action off/on bed he was hard and bang on. Surveen looked most convincing either when she was been enjoyed or when exploited, both surprisingly on the couch. The trailers and promos had a different tale to tell as the film overall does not have much in store for the audiences. The item song featuring Sunny Leone is erogenous and might assist in getting a decent foot fall though. Neha Kaul, in her small role showed potential.

Leaving aside the Dayavan track, Aaj Phir Tumpe, the music is below average, moreover, the background score by the Bawras’ does little to add flavor to the movie. Cinematographer Kedar Gaikwad has done a nice job with the locations coming out good. The dialogues, especially Sushant’s, are catchy and crisp making him look in full control of his character as well as the film. The film is releasing along with rom-com Amit Sahni Ki List and supernatural thriller Pizza 3D, hence battle won. Sex sells in Bollywood and make no mistake, Hate Story 2 has plenty of it infact, to a certain extent only it.

OWN Rating: 2/5

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